July 29, 2021

JULY 30: Offering Mass In Remembrance of Our Father

Our dearly departed father was a devotee of Santa Rosa de Lima. To honor the anniversary of his death this July 30,  we are offering masses on that day in 3 churches named after this beloved saint:  1 in Laguna, 1 in Albay and 1 in Cam Sur.  

June 19, 2021

UPAW MARATHON: My Son's 1st Half Marathon


"Until you have a son of your own will never know the joy, the love beyond feeling that resonates in the heart of a father as he  looks upon his son."   -  American author Kent Nerburn

June 12, 2021

T8 INDEPENDENCE DAY RUN: 12.3 Kms para sa Pagkakaisa


Today is our Independence Day.  The Philippines declared its Independence in June 12, 1898.  Thus, the year 2021 is the 123rd celebration of our cherished Independence. 

May 5, 2021

TOUR DE EUROPA: My Agimats (23) Galore

 Agimat is a Filipino word for "amulet" or "charm".  It is also referred to as "anting anting."