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February 25, 2013

ASICS NIMBUS 14: Cloud Running

Nimbus is defined as a cloud that produces precipitation. Since nimbus clouds are dense with water, they appear darker than other clouds.  

It is an apt word used by the smart people of Asics to name its top of the line cushioned neutral daily trainer.


It is the big brother in the cushioning family.  I have been using for more than 2 years already its kid brother, the Asics Cumulus, and I have often wondered why the premium difference in price between these 2 Asics siblings (Php 7,900  for Nimbus 14 vs Php 6,500 for Cumulus 14). There is not much noticeable external differences.   

It is only when I got to buy my first pair of Nimbus this month, the 14th edition, as a  Valentine’s gift did I realize that there is big world of difference in the cushioning luxury of these models. I felt it immediately as  my foot slid into the Nimbus. There is a generous amount of foam throughout the upper, giving an extravagantly luxurious feel.  It is as if my foot were clothed in pampers. The Cumulus has none of this comfy upper foam feel.

Nimbus 14 and Cumulus 14

Of course, the Asics brand has been well known in years for its Gel cushioning technology (refer to website http://www.sportsshoes.com/support/ASICS_footwear_technology_explained) and the Nimbus 14 has  been generously blessed with it.  It is like it has gummy bears for padding.  

In addition, the  Nimbus,   unlike other Asics model, has a roomy toe box.  Something ultra runners need for  long distance journey on the road.  

The Asics Nimbus 14 is  actually slightly lighter  than  the Asics Cumulus 14 (11.1 oz vs. 11.3 oz).  But the size 10 I purchased for myself makes my Nimbus a bit clunky, which may take some time to    getting used to.  But I can make time for this.  The past 2 weeks that I have owned the Nimbus, it has become my primary choice for my recovery runs.

Regarding the price difference between Nimbus and Cumulus, I managed this by canvassing all the leading running stores in Manila (A Runners Circle, Riovanna and Runnr) and check which one has   an “on sale” price.  I got lucky with a visit at Runnr Alabang.  The Asics Nimbus 14 had a 20% discount making my acquisition cost at Php 6,320, even lower than  the regular price of the Cumulus 14.

Supremely cushioned with Gel coupled with a comfy step-in feel plus smart buying - these all add up to running in the clouds for me with my Asics Nimbus 14. A running that may experience some much needed pain-free raindrops. The BP desperately needs it.   

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