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June 16, 2013

ALASKA WORLD MILK DAY RUN: The Penguin faster than the “Rabbit”

Milk is the primary source of nutrition for young mammals before they are able to digest other types of food. 

It is quite fitting then that the run where I was able to be nourished again by the running mojo is the Alaska World Milk Day Run last June 9 at the Bonifacio Global City.

Got my mojo back

As promised earlier, I was an early bird at the venue come the early Sunday morning.  It gave me time to look at the various booths which included a photo booth similar to what one usually encounters at wedding receptions. I took the opportunity to have my photo taken. Other booths and facilities included Got Milk booth as well as some tarpaulin contraptions. All these spelled fun.

Photo Booth

Picture from photo booth
And fun I did have with the actual run. Ten Km runners, including myself, were unleashed on the race route promptly at 5am. As usual, I was at the back end of the pack and this gave me a chance to target a few runners that I would gauge my progress in the race. I saw a fellow blogger by the name of Little Running Teacher and she was the one I tagged as the “rabbit.” In previous races I had joined and seen her, I had not actually overtaken her. This time, at the Alaska World Milk Day Run, I said to myself, things would be different.

An hour or so later,  these words proved augural as I crossed the finish line ahead of my target rabbit. I was in 122nd place out of 346 finishers in the 10km race (http://www.strider.ph/races/67/4).  Finish time of 1 hour & 7 mins is the fastest 10km time for me this year. Prior to the Alaska World Milk Day Run, my time for the 10 kms this year bounced between 1 hour 12 mins and 1 hour 18 mins.  

Last km to go, all muscles on deck

At the finish line

Finish line vivacity for me included picture taking with the Little Running Teacher as well as the Running Shield.  I went back still to the activity area where I had my Got Milk photo as well as got some bread from the merienda booth. The distribution of the loot bags was very much organized with muscle-bound bouncers marshaling the runners.  Two loot bags were given with one generously containing Alaska products.

With Little Running Teacher

With Running Shield

Got Milk photo
 Food Booth

Bouncer at the loot bag claim area

Loot bag no. 1

Loot bag no. 2

Truly, the Alaska World Milk Day Run gave me back the fun in the run.


Thanks a ton to photo.ops  (https://www.facebook.com/photo.ops.com.ph)  for the action photos.

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