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October 31, 2013

RIZAL TO LAGUNA ULTRA: alagang run mania

EmoticonOrgullo y alegra. Pride and joy. Twin emotions our  collective core basked in as we cradled our finisher trophies at the Rizal to Laguna (R2L) ultra marathon last October 27.

Five members of the Ateneo de Naga HS Class of 1983:  Bob Castilla, Ernie Badong, Vicboy de Lima (aka Bicolano Penguin), Ric Lozano and Noel “Ghibz” Guevara.  We ran, walked and traipsed thru 50 kilometers of lakeside road, passing thru  the historic and idyllic towns of Pililla, Mabitac, Famy, Siniloan, Pangil, Pakil, Paete, Kalayaan, Lumban, Pagsanjan and Sta. Cruz.  Our 83nean running group in R2L could have been 7 but Fards and Ed got bit by the injury bug. We certainly missed our two running buddies but this did not deter us from enjoying the ultra.  Uphill and downhill and later on flat, the R2L route provided us with  variety that tested and even fatigued our running muscles but we gamely soldiered on.  DNF is a tag we will not and cannot accept. One even tripped, rolled on the asphalt road and temporarily ended face to face with a bicycle  wheel. But this is all part of the fun that is the ultra run.

The 83nean runners with a fellow Bicolano, Prospero Ibardaloza of Isarog Runners

Runners seemingly like angels in a blaze of light

With another Bicolano, Val aka Greeneyes

Waiting for the gun start

2 x 2 formation









Palakpak bago ang pagbagsak

Downtown Pagsanjan

Pagsanjan arch

Sta. Cruz

The BP, exulting on another ultra finish

Cool and calm Bob

All smile

Ghibz, finishing with newfound buddy

Ghibz, raising the finisher banner

Sulit na sulit ang mga trophy

With multi-tasker support crew Orly

With first time ultra runner Marc and wife

Hungry na ba si Ghibz?

Barkadahang bulalo

Pambansang ulam ng ultra

The finish time of the five 83neans are:

Ric Lozano          -    6 hours & 38 mins

Ernie Badong      -     6 hours & 44 mins

Vicboy de Lima   -     8 hours & 10 mins

Bob Castilla       -      8 hours & 10 mins

Noel Guevara     -      8 hours & 27 mins

Again, the troika of Run Mania Promotions, Caliraya Runners and Pinoy Aspiring Runners  remained true to its brand of alagang run mania. There were water stations every 10 kilometers, all with Gatorade and each station generously offering different types of nourishment:  banana on the 1st, boiled egg on the  2nd, sandwich on the 3rd and for the piece de resistance, Creamline drumstick ice cream (https://www.facebook.com/creamline.laguna on the 4th. The race started on time at 2am.  There were sufficient number of race marshalls and ambulances.  Finisher medal, trophy and shirt for the prize of Php 1,400.  This kind-hearted and less militaristic way of handling ultra marathons (L2Q, T2K and now R2L)  has made Run Mania a favourite among the newbies and veterans alike, so much so that the number of registrants for Run Mania ultras has averaged in the half a thousand.

The ultra running community is getting bigger in our country.  The more variety the stronger it gets. 

We feel pride and joy in being a part of it.Emoticon


Photo courtesy of Orly Jacob and Running Photographers (https://www.facebook.com/runningphotographers).


  1. Superior BP! Welcome back pading Ghibz.Really miss Fards and Ed. Sayang dae ninda naheling may tugot hahaha! Sana next time complete na ulit tayo. See you on your BPAR soon. Viva 83neans!

  2. nice passing through of this event sir..hope to see you soon and have some pictures with fellow Bicolano Pinoy Aspiring Runners!

  3. Thanks Ernie. Correct. It would have been more fun with Fards and Ed joining us.

  4. Thanks Gil for the visit. Nice to see more Bicolanos in the running scene.