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June 17, 2018

RUN DADDY RUN: Father's Day Celebration

Happy Fathers Day. 

For runners out there,  what better way to enjoy this great day that celebrates fatherhood and male parenting than to join a fun run with my son. And this is  exactly what we did this morning of the third Sunday of the month of June.  Marcel and me joined the Run Daddy Run at the historic Intramuros in downtown Manila.  The Run Daddy Run is the first running event, after a long long time (the last one was back when Marcel was still in grade school),  that my son and me joined together.   And boy, did we enjoyed the run, pasyal and selfie of this RUNtarantantan event.

The driving force behind Runtarantantan events is Bearwin Meily who is proving to be one of the leading race organizers in Metro Manila who has had success in establishing his own unique brand. Back in early 2015, fellow blogger Little Running Teacher wrote a piece on Bearwin, enumerating top 5 reasons why you should register for a runtarantantan:  the fun run captures the personality of Bearwin; it stands by its beliefsand principles; non-competitive fun run; RUNtarantantan events have a beneficiary; and Bearwin is very hands on with all his runs.   

At this morning's Run Daddy Run, these elements were evident, especially the one about being very hands on.  Me and my son arrived at the race venue 30 mins before the 4:30 a.m. assembly time and Bearwin was already guiding the motorists where to park.  At 4:30 am, he was already busy with the microphone blurting out a lot of Happy Fathers Day greetings.  At the start of the program, he was up in the stage busy co-hosting with a TV personality. At the start of the race at 5am, he was at the starting line to send off all the 15km, 10km and 5km runners.  During the race, he was all over the race route making sure that the runners are safe. He was also very much willing to grant the photo requests of the runners. As the runners finished the race, he was at the finish line ready to welcome all. He is a do-it-all organizer and I am sure, he is also a do-it-all father. I bet in a poll among runners in Metro Manila with the question - "Who's your daddy in race organizing?", many answers would be RUNtarantantan's Bearwin.    
RUNtarantantan's Bearwin with microphone on hand ready and eager to start the fun at Run Daddy Run.
Bearwin sharing the stage with another host. 
Having a photo with Bearwin with my son at the corner of Muralla and Gen. Luna Streets. 
Admirable work by a RUNtarantantan race volunteer.  Making sure plastic  don't litter the streets. 
RUNtarantantan events are fun and safe, even for toddlers in strollers. 
Having an enthusiastic and caring race organizer makes a whale of a difference in making the fun run experience great.  And this was sure the case for me and Marcel with the Run Daddy Run. It sure did help to have a great venue that the historic walled city of Intramuros is.  The place exudes with a lot of historic charm.  Being history buff ourselves, both Marcel and me  did have an extra bounce in our strides as we galloped and cantered thru the asphalt road of Intramuros.  Let the photos below tell the story. 

Marcel passing the Minor Basilica and Metropolitan Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.  The Manila Cathedral is the episcopal see of the Archbishop of Manila.  

Marcel standing in his favorite spot in Intramuros.  The corner of Anda Street and Sta. Lucia Street is where the very first Ateneo Municipal de Manila school was located.  

Who's afraid of water?  My Hoka is not.  

Along Sta. Lucia Street, just after the Puerta de Sta, Lucia, is a park with Philippine Presidents' Murals.  

Obvious, who are favorite presidents are. 

Running by  the white wall of  the building that used to be the motherhouse of the Beaterio de la Compana de Jesus, the first Filipino congregation of religious women. It was founded in 1684. 

Marcel passing the San Diego Gardens (Baluarte de San Diego) and enters Muralla Street.

As we pass Letran College along Muralla Street, we are less than 200 meters from the finish line.  

Blissful anticipation is in the faces of father and son.   

Well-deserved medal for my son, ... 

...me and all the finishers.
As we neared the finish of our 5km jaunt thru Intramuros, I could not help but very thankful to my son for joining me in a run to celebrate Happy Fathers Day. Life is short so every opportunity to bond with my son, I take it. I may not be a perfect father but seeing and feeling the joy and pride in my son as we crossed the finish line tells me that I ain't doing a bad job either in raising a fine person in our son Marcel. Of course, I am very much blessed to have my wife Marianne who is a great parent.                      
Always a proud moment for a father to see a son finish in a fun run and in the greater race that is life.  

This is Happy Fathers Day and a father is entitled to some cheating with the diet. Got me my favorite Mt. Dew and a King Sue hot dog.  Both are anathema in my current low fat diet.   

Again, Happy Fathers Day to all. It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons. 


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