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February 15, 2012

HIGH5 Sports Nutrition

Part of the expectations I had when I joined the 2011 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon (SCMS) last December is to be exposed to something new (for me) on something running.  And I was not disappointed. 

Prior to my SCMS experience, the only gel brands I knew about were Hammer and Gu.  But the Sports Expo last December 3 of the SCMS introduced me to several more.  Marami pa palang mas masasarap at mas magagaling.

High 5 race pack

Shotz, Maxifuel and High 5 were brands that offered energy food that came in liquid form, eliminating the need for water to push it down.  And of the three brands, I got to choose and actually use the High 5 for my fatigue-free SCMS running.  

One thing that attracted me to the High 5 booth at the Sports Expo was the dosage guide for the half marathon and marathon.  I have been using gels for the past two years, but this was the first time that I got to encounter a dosage guide.  Plus, the staff of the High5 booth were generous in sharing helpful information.

At the High 5 booth, Sports Expo, 2011 SCMS

Dosage guide

Here are a handful of information from High 5 on Marathon Race Day Nutrition:

1. Carbohydrate is the most important fuel for running a marathon. 71% of a runner’s energy comes from carbohydrate when running at a long distance pace. 

2. Your body is only able to store a limited supply of carbohydrate and during a marathon, you will deplete that store.  As you run your marathon and your carbohydrate level falls, you will find it harder to maintain your early pace.  Run far enough and you will eventually hit the wall.  This is where your carbohydrate stores are so depleted, your muscles are forced to rely almost exclusively on fat as fuel.

3. The more carbohydrate  your muscles have available as fuel, the faster and easier you will run a marathon.  There are two ways to get more carbohydrate on board:  carbo load in the days before your event (to increase your store of carbohydrate)  and consume carbohydrate as you run.

4. As you run, your body can only absorb a maximum of 60g of carbohydrate per hour. Be aware that consuming more than 60g per hour can cause stomach problems – as don’t overdo it.  It is important to drip feed your body with carbohydrate from the very start of your run in preparation for the later stages.  Waiting until you fatigue before popping a single gel at say 17 miles is a mistake that many runners make.

Race Day Breakfast:  It should be light and high in carbohydrate.  Cereals, toast and porridge are good examples.  Drink 500ml High5 EnergySource to help provide additional carbs and keep you well hydrated. Take High5 EnergyBar with you to eat on the way to your race.

10-15 minutes before the start:  Take 2x High5 EnergyGel Plus Sachets and drink 200ml to 300ml water.  EnergyGel Plus contains an exact amount of caffeine to further boost your performance.

During the marathon:  After the first 60 minutes take an EnergyGel Plus every 30 minutes.

Recovery:  For fast recovery, including reduced muscle soreness, drink 500ml of Energy Source 4:1 (this includes protein) as soon as you finish.  Drink another 500ml one hour later and eat a balanced meal as soon as possible.

All the High5 products mentioned in this helpful dosage guide are included in the  race pack.  For more info,  please visit the website www.highfive.co.uk.

Contents of High5 race pack

Was High5 effective?  Yes.  I guess it is.  For the running of the SCMS, fatigue did not overpower me despite the humidity of Singapore.  More enjoyable for me, I established a PR in marathon last December 4.

I believe in the High5 product.  I believe that it would be helpful for my BDM 102 ultra adventure.  

Then only problem I have now is that when I checked on the High5 website, there was no listed distributor in the Philippines.  But wait.   I got to visit the newly-opened Runnr store in Alabang Town Center last Friday, February 10, and it was selling High5 Energy Gel.  The Summer Fruits flavor is retailing for Php 65 per while the Raspberry flavor (with caffeine) is retailing at Php 70 per.  I bought immediately a dozen.  

Good value for money.    

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