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January 5, 2015

CURRENT Magazine: An Article about the BP

Penguins graphicsLast May 2013, I  was attending a travel writing seminar  at the Fully Booked store in Bonifacio High Street.

Among the speakers was Writer's Block Philippines co-founder Nina Terol-Zialcita who adeptly talked about the "Anatomy of a Travel Feature." Fast forward to December 2014 and the Bicolano Penguin was being interviewed by Nina, now a Corporate Communications Manager of First Philippine Holdings (FPH). Given my admiration of her writing and blogging prowess, I was genuinely excited and eagerly awaited the outcome  of our free-flowing conversation. 

Just before Christmas day, the product came out in the latest issue of CURRENT, an internal publication of FPH.  At pages 33-34 was an article entitled "The Bicolano Penguin Goes the Distance" by Nina. Also, at page 22, in the Power Bank section by Hazel Velasco, I got to share my idea on "How Do Leaders Recharge?" 

It was a gift for me to see my idea and my story find print in a magazine. I always welcome the opportunity to share my passion for running and blogging.  These two are symbiotic. One feeds on the other. After a good run, I am stirred up  to write.  After finishing a blog article, I am stimulated to run some more. It is my hope that some of those who read  the story will get to be inspired to take up either of the two or both. 

It was also an opportunity for me to acknowledge the role of First Balfour and the Lopez group in being a catalyst to my choice of having an active exercise lifestyle.  And on the matter of family, it was a chance for me to echo the words of my grandfather about the beauty of giving one's best. 

It was with pride and joy that I fervently showed and shared copies of the CURRENT magazine to my family and relatives during the holiday break. They were all happy and some even requested for a note or an autograph. 

My aunt reading the article

My cousin happy with the article 
The BP with Lorenne and Nina
Many thanks to Nina, Hazel, Lorrene and the Integrated Corporate Communications group of FPH. Truly, an honor to share the story and ideas of a runner.      
      Penguins graphics

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