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January 28, 2015

PSE BULL RUN 2015: A Half Marathon Preview to the Full

Penguins graphicsBefore turning right at the 34th Street from the 11th Avenue of the Bonifacio Global City, I told my running mates and First Balfour officemates  Ems Ros and Delsie Giray that we need to run strong as it would be the last 300 meters of our 21-km long running journey that was the PSE Bull Run 2015.  

I kidded  them we do not want to disappoint the photographers at the finish line. This got the two ladies laughing with glee. 

The last trio of FB runners to finish the PSE Bull Run (21kms). Galloway disciples are known to have the sweetest smiles at the finish line. 
True enough, there were many cameras clicking as we neared and crossed the finish line. And pleasantly surprising was that among those cameras in action were those of fellow First Balfour runners Orly Jacob and RJ Santos. And cheering with much gusto were more FB runners: Richelle Hua, Joram San Juan, Migo Antonio and Iya Pe. All 6 together with  First Balfour executives Butch Tansengco and Romy Sison have finished much earlier their half marathon.  This same and insane 6 have stayed  and waited at the finish line to show their support for their compatriots. 
RJ, Delsie, Em, Romy and Butch at the start of the PSE Bull Run (21kms)

I was much impressed with this spontaneous show of esprit de corps.  It had me nodding and telling myself - the First Balfour marathon dreamers  this 2015 are very much ready with their date with the full mary come Feb 22 at The Bull Runner Dream Marathon (TBRDM).

The FB runners celebrating at the finish line 
My confidence is derived from what I have observed not only in this morning's half marathon but in the handful of runs I have joined this eager group of budding engineers turned Pheidippides followers. They are disciplined. They are ardent believers of the Galloway  Run Walk Run Method. And more importantly, they are a team with each member looking after the running welfare of the other. And with much enthusiasm while doing so. 

For the record, these are the finishing time(s) of the 11 First Balfour runners at the PSE Bull Run half marathon this Jan 25, 2015:

1.  Butch Tansengco      1hr & 56 mins
2. Orly Jacob                  2 hrs & 13 mins 
3.  Romy Sison               2 hrs & 49 mins
4. Iya Pe                          2 hrs & 49 mins   
5. Migo Antonio             2 hrs & 49 mins
6. RJ Santos                    2 hrs & 56 mins 
7. Richelle Hua               2 hrs & 57 mins
8. Joram San Juan           2 hrs & 58 mins
9. Em Ros                        3 hrs & 7 mins
10. Delsie Giray              3 hrs & 7 mins
11. Macky de Lima         3 hrs & 7 mins

Not bad results. The fastest First Balfour runner -  Butch was in 42nd place. While the slowest trio - Em, Delsie and the BP were at the 359th-361st place out of 410 finishers of the 21km race.  Of this 11, there are 5 (Migo, RJ, Richelle, Joram and Em) who are 2015 TBRDM participants. Joram and Em had their first half mary in the 2015 PSE Bull Run.
Iya and Migo with 5 more kilometers to go 

Richelle with 5 kms to go

Delsie, Em and BP with  4 more kms to go

Showing off their well-deserved finisher medals
Speaking of the PSE Bull Run, this is the 11th running of this event sponsored by the Philippine Stock Exchange.  It is commendable  that the PSE top guns like its CEO Hans Sicat always make it a point to be at the starting line to ring the iconic bell to signal the start. Also, Ad Events led by buddy Maryanne Ringor has done another admirable job  managing it. They been doing this  for the 5th straight year. 

The PSE Bull Run is already a staple in January for many in the local running community looking for a half marathon to jump start their running adventures towards longer distances like the marathon (i.e. Condura and TBRDM) and the ultra (i.e. LU2TA, T2K). One is bound to bump into some of the local elite runners. In the BP's case, I was fortunate to have a photo with Silamie Apolistar  (3rd place female finisher 21 kms) and Noy Gentoleo (4th place overall finisher 21 kms). Both are fellow Paranaque Running Circle (PRC)  members.

The BP with Silamie  and Noy . All 3 are part of Paranaque Running Circle (PRC) 

Congratulations to all at the 2015 PSE Bull Run. It foretells of another bullish year for running in the Philippines. 
Penguins graphics


Some of the photos courtesy of Pinoy Fitness.                         

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