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May 28, 2012

LOPEZ LINK April 2012 Issue : Picture of Bicolano Penguin Inside

Lopez Link April 2012 Issue

The Lopez Link is a monthly newsletter for the 16,000+ employees of the  Lopez Group of Companies.  I work for First Balfour, a wholly-owned subsidiary of First Philippine Holdings Corporation.  

The April 2012 issue is special to me as it contains a picture of my crossing the finish line of the Bataan Death March 102km ultra last March 4, 2012.  It is found in the Lifelong Wellness section (page 10). A caption trumpets the fact that the BDM is my 3rd ultramarathon.

Page 10

In an earlier issue, the March 2011 to be exact, the newsletter featured a story about my first ultramarathon – the 2010 Tagaytay 2 Nasugbu 50km ultra (http://lopezlink.ph/lifelong-wellness/1674-i-survived-my-first-ultramarathon.html) . Our fund raising effort thru ultra running and the resulting Batch 83 outreach activities  were featured in the article “Giving Back the Community: CSR Magna Carta Contest Winners” of the Lopez Link October 2011 issue (http://www.lopezlink.ph/lopez-values-in-action/2169-giving-back-to-the-community-csr-magna-carta-contest-winners.html).  

It is my humble wish that my long distance running adventures  may serve as an inspiration to fellow First Balfour and Lopez group  employees to pursue wellness as it is one of the Lopez core values. It is my good fortune to be part of the Lopez group where an active exercise lifestyle, among other excellent ideas,   is encouraged.  It is  part of the legacy of our Chairman Emeritus.   

Thank you to Lopez Link editor-in-chief Rosan Cruz.  Thank you,  Jig Blanco.


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