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June 28, 2012


Last June 24, I had the chance to run 21 kms around Camp Aguinaldo with fellow 83neans Ruben “Fards” Fajardo and Ernie Badong.  It was a special run. It was my first time to run with them again in more than a month.  No doubt we were all gung ho about doing more training runs as we just received official communication from the Bald Runner of our entry into the Bataan Death March 102km ultra marathon scheduled for March 2013. 

And it was made even more special as the run was one of our ways to celebrate the recent promotion of Fards. He was promoted from Navy Commander to Navy Captain.  In terms of rank, the equivalent of a Navy Captain is a Colonel in the Army.  He has been serving the Philippine Military for almost 20 years already.

Bicolano Penguin, Art and Fards

Ernie, Art and Fards

We three were joined in Camp Aguinaldo by our Ateneo de Naga HS Batch 1983 classmate, Art Puncia, who came in equipped for his  biking trek around the military camp.  We are happy to see Art adopting an active exercise lifestyle.  We can’t wait to see another classmate, Atty. Jobel Belarmino, join Art for some biking escapades.    And if the 2 happen to be in Bicol, they can always count on another classmate, Dr. Batoy Claveria, to give them a guided bike tour of our province.  

Art riding his Hurricane

Later, after almost 3 hours of running,  we all went to the nearby Pan De Amerikano place for some brunch courtesy of our new Navy Captain.

Congratulations to Captain Fards of the Philippine Navy.  An Officer and a Gentleman.  A Warrior and an Ultra Runner.

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