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August 11, 2015

SOLIDARITY RUN: A Fun Run in our Beloved Iriga City

A few weeks back, my running buddy Jonas Nacario posted something on my facebook timeline. It brought a sweet smile to my face.  The object of  joy was an invite to join the Solidarity Run scheduled for September 6 in our beloved home city of Iriga. 

This had me curious and had me communicating   with Jonas.  Requested for the race route for the 16-km run and he promptly sent me a copy.  I am happy to note that the route will pass thru Masoli Road . I am familiar with this route as I had the chance to run here on my training runs in the past on the way to the neighboring towns of Bato and Nabua. The Masoli Road  has less vehicular traffic than the National Road. Less polluted air, not like the one in the urban areas. In the early morning hours, there are certain parts of the Masoli Road which are fog-laden. The route offers a vista of rural greenery.    

Race route.
Less vehicular traffic along Masoli Road
Fog in the morning hours 
It lead me also to inquiring  with Marc Temeña, the Chapter President of   the Philippine Nurses Association Iriga Rinconada Chapter. This association is the main organizer of the said Sept 6 fun run. 

My first question was - Why the name "Solidarity"?

Marc puts it this way  - "For the unity of Rinconada Nurses. Matagal na pong may PNA pero it seems di ito feel ng ating mga nurses dito sa Rinconada (the 5th congressional district of Camarines Sur is commonly referred to as Rinconada).   So we are sending them a message  na hey we have PNA for you and we will work for your welfare.  We just need to be solid and united."

My second question was - The fun run is a fund raising for what?

Marc responded - "Proceeds will be for our home healthcare project in which nurses will have the capacity to go to our patient and PNA will be the referring agency if Rinconada people needs our service."  

The answers of Marc seem to point to a genuine orientation  for service. And true enough, Marc does have a streak of public service in him as he is in fact an elected barangay councilor of San Francisco, one of the poblacion barangays of Iriga.  

No doubt this passion for service to others is also shared by Marc's fellow members of the Solidarity Run organizing committee like Chairperson Myonee Mendez-Masi, Vice Chairman Jonas Nacario, and Al Illanza and the Joggernaut team. Likewise with Marc's fellow officers at the PNA Iriga Rinconada Chapter. 
Solidarity Run Organizing Committee meeting.
So things seem to be looking up for the Solidarity Run:  a meaningful name; a worthwhile cause; and a hard working group of people behind it.  Needless to say, the Solidarity Run is special to me as it would be held in our own home city. If I can join ultra marathons  in far away places like Davao and Negros, then there shouldn't be a lot of reasons for me not to join a fun run in a place I call home.  

Already, I am glad to know that several of my running buddies based in Naga City have already expressed their interest to participate in the Sept 6 fun run.  Pretty soon, my running friends based in Manila and Rinconada will be letting their interest felt too.    

Solidarity is in the air. Solidarity, that feeling of unity,  is indeed among us.  Come  in the early morning of Sept 6, solidarity will be on display on the road. 



  1. Thank you very much sir :)

  2. Marc Jhames Resoco Temeña-in behalf po of Philipoine Nurses Association Iriga Rinconada Chapter, i wouldnlike to express our sincerest appreciation & heartfelt gratitude for making this blog dedicated to our solidarity Run.dios mabalos po

  3. Thank you Marc for your kind words. More power to your organization. Together with my fellow row5runners here in Manila and in Bicol we are excited to participate in the Solidarity Run. We are passionate about running. And the pleasure is doubled when we get to run in our own place. I have requested Jonas to reserve me slots for the 16-km run. The only way I will not be able to attend the Solidarity Run is if the surgery for my wife pushes thru this 1st week of September.