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August 30, 2015


Looks good. It must be good.

Those were my thoughts the first time I saw a pair of the Under Armour Speedform Gemini. Caught a glimpse of the new Under Armour running shoes in the finish line photo of fellow blogger Wandering Jouster (WJ) at the 2015 Mayon 360 last April.  In the photo, WJ is seen exulting with the finish line banner. She looked strong with a pair of good-looking running shoes on her feet. On top could be seen the time of 14 hours and 18 mins. Compared to her 2014 Mayon 360 experience, she improved her time by more than 35 minutes in the 80-km summer hot spectacle.         
WJ at the finish line of 2015 Mayon 360 with a lovely pair of kicks. 
Wow.  The Under Armour Speedform Gemini delivers on both form and substance.  In the post-race dinner I had with the WJ a handful of days after her awesome performance in Albay, she confirmed to me that the shoes felt light but is cushioned  generously as to last her the whole 80 kms and then some.  She did not change shoes during the race.

Gotta have me those new Under Armour.  So, the following day after the dinner, I immediately visited the Under Armour store in Bonifacio Global City to purchase my pair of the Under Armour Speedform Gemini.  Sadly, there was none to be had on that April day. I was told by the store clerk that they ran out of pairs weeks ago and all the other UA stores in the Philippines had no stock as well. Had to wait for a month or so for the next stocks to arrive. 

Fast forward to a Saturday in August and I found myself in the same store again.  This time, I finally got to say "Hello " to a red-colored pair of this elusive shoe. I was giddy and excited as I sat down on the comfortable seats of the store to try on a pair. Slipping on a pair, I stood up and felt charged with energy. There was a certain bounce on my steps. I bought the pair and couldn't wait for the Sunday to run with it which I did. Then ran with it again the following Tuesday and then Thursday and then Sunday.  Needless to say, the Under Armour Speedform Gemini has become my favorite pair these  past few days.

After a few weeks of running with it, here are my thoughts:


1.  It is light.

The Under Armour Speedform Gemini weighs only 8.5 oz.  It feels as light as the Saucony Kinvara. One way it saves on weight is by doing away with the insole.  Yes, the Gemini does not have insoles. One innovation among many in the Gemini.  

2. It's got ample cushioning.

Despite being as light as the Kinvara, it has the the feel of max cushioning. Thanks to the revolutionary Charged Foam which promises to energize each step of your run.  The outsole has plenty of carbon rubber coverage for traction and durability. 


3. It looks good.

Under Armour has been known for having great and fashionable sports apparel.  It is very evident in the Gemini, especially with those eye-catching colors. 
4. It's got that Under Armour feel.

This running shoe has that trade mark Under Armous snug feel. This shoe hugs my feet in every part.  It has a near seamless upper that wraps the foot like a glove. The heal counter has a neoprene like material that is supported by a plastic welded overlay. I have seen this used in the Adidas Boost and I it works. It cradles and holds the heel in place. An Under Armour innovative feature is the tongue on the Gemini which is an unusual asymmetrical shape. The tongue is wide at the top which allows the shoes to wrap the foot more snugly. 


1.  No wide toebox.

The Gemini looks narrow when placed side by side with the wide-bodied shoes of Altra.  Having a wide toebox is important to long distance runners, particularly the ultra marathon kind, as the feet tend to widen or splay as the kilometers accumulate.  

Guess no running shoes is 100% perfect. 

Overall, the Gemini looks good and feels good. With the Gemini, Under Armour  hit the G-spot. G as in gorgeous.  Just like a gorgeous lady that one would want to date everytime, I have been running almost exclusively with the Gemini for 3 weeks already. It makes me want to run more and faster.  

It is true to the vision of Under Armour - - - To make all athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation.  

Hello Gorgeous indeed.

Running shoe terms from www.running.competitor.com.  Graphics by Joji Ushijima. 


  1. You got one new hot chick... er... kicks there, Vicboy. I can visualize you running with your blazing shoes akin to that "Chariots of Fire" scene. I think you are again a threat to the elite runners, eh? Hahahaha...

  2. Wow. Thank you Mau. The BP blog is honored by the WJ's comment. The allusion to "Chariots of Fire" is appreciated. Although the idea of being a threat to the elite runners is an illusion. hahaha.. The penguin will always be part of the last row of the class.

    1. Welcome, BP. I felt like a celebrity having been given the spotlight in your overture. Thank you. I forgot to say that in my first comment.
      I wonder now what your next brand of shoes would be. Will I now call you shoe collector, shoe guru or shoemaker? Hehehehe...

  3. Not shoe collector. Makes me sound Imeldific. Not shoe guru. Makes me sound old and out of this world. Not shoemaker. I don't have skilz. Perhaps a gentler word would be shoe connoisseur. Hehehe.. I have one question. When will the gemini of the BP gets to meet on the road the gemini of the "celebrity"? hahaha...