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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

September 6, 2015


Crossing the finish line of the Solidarity Run in Iriga City  Allen Tolledo had that million dollar smile. This despite him being the last runner to finish among the 16km participants. The subject of his happiness was right in front of him. A nanosecond earlier, Allen's better half (for more than 24 years and counting)  crossed the finish line, strong and uninjured.  This was the first 16-km run for Cyril  Alanis Tolledo (actually 2 years ago, Cyril finished a 16-km race but it was mostly walking back then).  
Cyril proud with her finisher medal.
Allen prouder of her accomplishment.
 With this rarefied accomplishment of Mrs. Tolledo, our classmate Allen edged all other members of the  Ateneo de Naga High School Batch 1983 in one particular category.  Allen is the very first 83nean we know who has successfully recruited and trained a spouse to take up our passion for running.   Many of us running 83neans like myself, Bob, Ernie, Ric  and Fards are focused when it comes to devouring countless kilometers in an ultra marathon but none of us have been persuasive enough to charm our better halves to run with us. Except Allen.  It takes a rare combo of lambing and alpha mentality to pull this off.      

Days prior to the Solidarity Run, I commented via facebook to Cyril that she is already into running. She responded immediately - "It's bcoz of Allen's prodding that's why I was convinced to go into running and at the same time healthy lifestyle."  True indeed. Allen has been busy and patient in accompanying his wife in many training runs in Naga City. Sometimes with the help of other row5runners.    At times, Cyril will get tired from the running but Allen never faltered with his re-assuring words. 
Weeks before, Allen and Cyril on a training run with row5runners in the hills of Pacol. 

Allen was patient still during the the 16 kilometers of the Solidarity Run. Never leaving behind Cyril. He paced his wife and he made sure that she got proper hydration.  As the 2 neared the finish line , the gathered crowd could not help but give the finishing couples a good round of heartfelt applause. Many were inspired by such a sight. 
Care for each other at the start of the race.
The row5runners early and excited for the race in Iriga City

Row5runners having fun at the Solidarity Run.

Walang iwanan  

Fellow row5runners escort the Tolledo couple to the finish line.
Applause from fellow runners.  
A purer form of solidarity.

Romance was not just in the air.  Romance was on the road as well. 

Por da lab,  indeed. 

P.S.  Photos taken from the facebook pages of Aura Reduta , Eng Almendral and Jonas Nacario. 



  1. BP, thank you for the awesome write up...indeed it serves as an inspiration for both of us, to run more miles and I spire other 83nean couples and friends to start running now....More power to your blog padi

  2. You the man, Allen. hahaha...Kudos to your wife Cyril for the focus in finishing the race.