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September 9, 2016

2ND BOMBON MARATHON: An Interview with Ta' Eddie

The marathon is a long-distance running event with an official distance of 42.195 kilometers. The event was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens in the year 490 BC.

In our province of Camarines Sur, local runners have tasted a few  marathons organized in the past 6 years:  Cam Sur International Marathon (2010 & 2011), Penafrancia Marathon (2012), and the Bombon Marathon (2015).  While the Penafrancia Marathon seems to be a one shot wonder and the Cam Sur International Marathon seems to be dead in the water with the loss of interest on the part of the powers that be, the Bombon Marathon is still alive.  In fact, it will have its second running this Oct 2, 2016.

For this act of sustainability,  we are thankful to local hero Eddie Felix S. Alteza.  A town kagawad when he first organized  the Bombon Marathon in 2015, Ta' Eddie is now the newly-elected vice mayor of Bombon.  But despite his very busy schedule as a public servant, he has not forgotten his passion for the sports of running.  That is why, despite it being a hard endeavor, Vice Mayor Eddie is again organizing the Bombon Marathon.  
Ta' Eddie is passionate about running.  Here is a photo of the Vice Mayor volunteering as marshall in the Milo Marathon eliminations in Naga City recently. 

The Bicolano Penguin had a chance to ask the good Vice Mayor a handful of questions about the Bombon Marathon and he has been generous with his answers.

BP:  Why organize the Bombon Marathon?

Ta' Eddie:  Because I want to repeat the activity of the 1st Bombon Marathon with the help of the LGU Bombon, some sponsors, barangay LGUs and with the cooperation of other running clubs, especially Caceres Runners and row5runners. Now that I am elected Vice Mayor, I want to organize this event every year up to Oct 2018.

BP:  What are the lessons learned from the 1st Bombon Marathon that will be applied this 2nd Bombon Marathon?

Ta' Eddie:  Last year ang pagkukulang ko po siguro ay di man lang nalagyan ng at least banana sa Km 16, Km 20 at Km 30. So ngayong Oct 2 ay dapat palagyan na.  Di ako mag promise  baka palagyan ko na ng buko station doon sa Km 20 ng 42km route.   Also di ko na dapat inilayo  pa dito sa Bombon's People's Center ang start/finish line ng 42km at 21km.      

BP:  Who are your partners in organizing the Bombon Marathon?

Ta' Eddie:  For this year, the partners are LGU Bombon and MS-JC Logistics Co. of Mr.&Mrs. Jun Cataneo from Subic.  We plan to solicit from the Office of Gov. Migz Villafuerte and the Department of Tourism (Legaspi).

BP:  Who are the beneficiaries of the proceeds from the Bombon Marathon?

Ta' Eddie:  Last year, I told you that it will be given to the Bombon Central School to augment the expenses for their re-wiring of electrical connections, but I opted to have the proceeds to construct 1 span  in their perimeter fence costing Php 15K. In the submitted Financial  report  to the Municipal Accounting, the total sum of money earned from the Bombon Marathon (2015) is Php 6,500 so  nag abuno na lang ako  ng konti para man lang may makita silang item na galing sa pinagpaguran na marathon. Ngayong taon, kung may perang makua,   I'm planning to buy the wiring and the cost of labor for the installation of 4 to 9 pcs of CCTV camera at the Poblacion area.
Photo of the perimeter fence of the Bombon Central School. Part of this fence was funded via the proceeds from the 1st Bombon Marathon (2016).  The leaning tower of Bombon is in the background.  

BP:  What will be different in 2016 Bombon Marathon compared to 2015 Bombon Marathon?

Ta' Eddie:  Siguro po ang pagkakaiba yung sa sequence  ng pagtakbo nila sa dating rota last year, imbes na punta na sila agad sa Calabanga from Naga, takbo muna sila papunta San  Antonio/Siembre Road before going to The Village, San Bernardino, Calabanga.  Medyo paakyta kaya San Antonio/Siembre Road.  Yung registration fee now ng 42kms is Php 800 last year  Php 700 pero lumaki ng konti ang finisher's medal 3 1/2 inches na at medyo square.  Last year 3 inches at round.  Ang sa 21kms  ngayon Php 650 na last year Php 600. Last year walang trophy ang podium finishers, ngayon meron po. Sana po nasagot ko po naman ng maayos ang mga tanong niyo.

Race route

Finisher medal

race singlet

Gracious and effective. That has been the style of Ta'' Eddie in organizing running events for his beloved Bombon.  His words and his actions are inspiring.

We encourage marathon lovers from near and far to register and run in the 2nd Bombon Marathon this Oct 2, 2016.  It may not have the pomp and pizzazz of a Milo Marathon or the RUPM but it has an endearing nature, especially  after listening to the words of Ta' Eddie.  Its 42km route assures the Bombon Marathon participants a ground level view of some historic churches from the leaning tower of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church in Bombon to the massive Metropolitan Cathedral in Naga to the centuries-old Immaculate Conception Church in Quipayo, Calabanga.     More importantly, it is a race whose proceeds are directly intended to benefit the local community.
Start and ...

...finish of the 1st Bombon Marathon (2015).

So, what are we waiting for?  Register na po kita.    

P.S. Photos taken from facebook page of Dante B. Garcia and Eddie Alteza.     

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