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September 12, 2015

BOMBON MARATHON: A Rare Treat come Oct 4, 2015

Rare is the  42-km  marathon in  Camarines Sur. For the past 6 years, as of my count, there have only been 3  full marathons in our province:  the 2 editions (2010 & 2011) of the Camsur International Marathon and the 2012 Penafrancia Marathon.  Contrast this  with running crazy provinces like Batangas, Laguna, Cebu, Negros Oriental  and Davao where marathons and ultras are almost a monthly event.  While these provinces experience La Nina , Cam Sur has the El Nino in marathons.

Bicolano long distance runners fret no more. The long dry spell in full marys is no more.  Thanks to the initiative of  local running big gun Kagawad Eddie Alteza of the Municipality of Bombon.  He is organizing the Bombon Marathon scheduled for October 4, 2015.  This long distance running event is sponsored by both the LGU of Bombon and the Department of Tourism. In fact, the Bombon Marathon is one of the approved activities for the weeklong fiesta celebrations in honor of the town's patroness - Nuestra Senora del Rosario.       

Details of the Bombon Marathon are the following:

1.  Distances include 42 kms, 21 kms and 5 kms.  

2.  Cut off for 42 km race is 7 hours. For the 21 km race is 4 hours.

3.  Finisher medals for both 42 kms and 21 kms..

4.  Registration fee for the 42 km race is Php 700.  For 21 kms it is Php 600 while for 5 kms it is Php 200.

5.  Registration venue are mostly in the municipality of Bombon and Naga City (Pls refer to poster).   However for those outside Bicol, interested runners can deposit to the BDO peso savings account of the organizer.  For more details on the bank account , please contact Eddie Alteza at 09178688326/ 09202816623 or visit the Bombon Marathon facebook page.

Looking at the race route for the 42 kms, the participants will be treated to a scenic run passing thru rice fields that point to the agricultural nature of the local economy and old sturdy churches that symbolize  the strong Roman Catholic faith of the region. Of note are the centuries-old Our Lady of the Holy Church in Bombon with its iconic leaning tower, Our Lady of St. Anne Church (circa 1700s) in the town of  Magarao, the massive Metropolitan Cathedral of Saint John Evangelist in Naga City, the Hinulid Chapel in the town of Calabanga which houses a miraculous wooden image of Our Lord, and the Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion Church (circa 1600s) in Quipayo, Calabanga, one of the oldest parishes in the province. The marathon route will also pass thru  the Quince Martires monument in downtown Naga City.     The Bombon Marathon will be a bonanza for runners who are history buffs as well as the route showcases the rich historical and cultural heritage of our province.   
Race route of Bombon Marathon

The Bombon church with its leaning tower.
The Our Lady of St. Anne Church in Magarao.

The massive Metropolitan Cathedral in Naga City
Inside the Hinulid Chapel in Calabanga 

Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion in Quipayo, Calabanga

The Quince Martires Monument in Naga City.   
The Bicolano Penguin is no stranger to Kagawad Eddie Alteza's passion for organizing running events. Back in October 2013, we joined the Lakaw Dalagan Para Ki Ina in Bombon which he organized in partnership with the parish priest back them, Fr. Rey Caceres who was my classmate in grade school. Kagawad Eddie deftly handled that fun run and exhibited some organizing prowess by harnessing the energy of many volunteers to serve as race marshalls. Exchanging notes with him, Kagawad Eddie has shown a genuine love for fitness sports, particularly running. In fact, he is currently a member of the Board pf Directors of Caceres Runners, the biggest running club in the province.   He is also a community leader and he tries his best  to be of service to his town-mates. That is why the beneficiary of the proceeds to be raised by the  Bombon Marathon is the Bombon Central School. Kagawad Eddie has been in talks with the school principal so that money could be raised for the re-wiring of the electrical connections of the said public school.  
The starting area during the Lakaw Dalagan Para ki Ina fun run in Oct 2013 which Kagawad Eddie Alteza organized. 

Kagawad Eddie Alteza is in the left, together with Fr. Rey Caceres and emcee Tina Aureus at the awarding in the Lakaw Dalagan Para Ki Ina.. 
Aside from the Caceres Runners, it is hoped that  many  members of Bicol-based running clubs will participate in the Bombon Marathon. These include Sinarapan Runners of Buhi, Isarog Runners of Pili,  ARC Runners from Legaspi City, Team Joggernaut of Rinconada, Team Subo, and the row5runners.  Not many runners from Manila can be expected to join the Bombon Marathon  as seemingly all metropolitan eyes are focused on the well-funded and well-hyped Run United Philippine Marathon scheduled on the same weekend.                   

But no doubt, many long distance running afficionados in our province and the neighboring provinces in Bicol will register and run in this rare full marathon in Camarines Sur.  It is a combo feeling of exuberance and pride to be running for 42 kilometers in one's own turf. 

A rare treat indeed.  



  1. hi sir vicboy, am interested to run in 42km, just asking , how to get there? from Lucena approximately how long is the travel time? and is there transient house near the starting line venue?

  2. Hi Rodel, thank you very much for the interest to run in the Bombon Marathon. I am sure Kagawad Eddie would be delighted to know that a kindred spirit (both of you are passionate race organizers) is planning to join. The town of Bombon is near Naga City. I would estimate the travel time from Lucena to Naga at 4hrs to 5 hrs, depending on the road condition of the Andaya Highway. Another 15 mins to 20 mins from Naga City to Bombon. I am not aware of a transient house in Bombon. Best bet for you to stay is in Naga City. I would recommend Sampaguita Inn in Naga City.

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