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September 26, 2015

BOBOY'S TOASTED SIOPAO: Best-Priced Value Meal in Town

No matter how you look at it, Boboy's Toasted Siopao with Kinalas,  priced at Php 35, is the best-priced  value meal in Quezon City. It is cheaper than the Php 67 large french fries in McDonalds.  It  is cheaper than the Php 75 1-pc Chicken Joy in Jollibee.  It is even cheaper than the Php 50 parking in many shopping mall these days.     

Where can you get it? Boboy's Toasted Siopao only has one outlet and this is located along 15th Avenue in Cubao, Quezon City.  It is in front of the 15th Avenue public elementary school. It is a stone's throw away from Art In Island Museum.  It is roughly a kilometer away from Gate 6 of Camp Aguinaldo.  For those who don't want to drive in the traffic-crazy streets of the metropolis, don't fret. They deliver within 5 kilometers of the store.  Contact numbers for delivery are 986-4557 and 09186729274. Boboy's Toasted Siopao is also listed at foodpanda. 

The entrepreneur behind Boboy's Toasted Siopao is Boboy Llacer of Ateneo de Naga High School Batch 1985.  He is the younger brother of good friend Bitang Sanchez.  His business idea is to bring the delicious food from his hometown of Naga City to Quezon City where he currently resides. These includes the toasted siopao, the kinalas and the Pinangat.  Pretty soon, Boboy plans to add the puto. 
Boboy Llacer in front of his store. 

The toasted siopao are available in boxes of 12.

The running 83neans are  regular visitors to the Boboy's Toasted Siopao outlet in 15th Avenue.  We like eating our comfort food of kinalas together with the toasted siopao after our weekend training runs inside Camp Aguinaldo.  Given its  tasteful delight, the thought of consuming the combo of kinalas and toasted siopao is enough an incentive for us running 83neans to go for more kilometers.

Come try it out.  Busog to the max. 



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