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December 29, 2015

THE JOY OF SPRINTING: Topless or Otherwise

"On your mark, get set, go!"

Since my childhood years, whether watching the Olympics or the regional track and field meet, I have always been fascinated by this 3-command start that signaled the commencement of hostilities in the running events. I have always harbored a desire to be part of such a sprinting activity side by side with fellow runners. 

Who wouldn't like sprinting?  In the words of blogger Michelle Marie of Lace and Race fame: "There is a primal, animalistic factor running your fastest (fight or FLIGHT). You will feel like a hardcore runner - practically an Olympian - as you pound down the road. Picture it  now: wind in your hair, arms chopping, knees and face that says : do not mess with me cause I'm crazy fast. Have you ever seen a sprinter smiling?  No. Never. Intensity only. All of that ass kickin' will leave with a glorious runner's high and your stress...well..what stress?"

After all, the penguin does aspire to beat the hell out of the other runners in a sprint. 

Perhaps words are not enough to capture the primal and ass kickin character of the sprint. Perhaps pictures taken this morning by row5runnin buddy/photographer Mafe will do the trick. The setting is the Pacol campus of the Ateneo de Naga and the combatants are row5runners Bob, Joji, Ric,  Allen, Au, Remy and the BP himself. Last runner to finish will treat all to a sumptuous kinalas merienda. 

Here are the photos of the first heat:

Yup, to no one's surprise, the penguin was the last one to fnish the sprint. 

How about if we do the sprint without our shirts on?  Roll the pictures please.

Same result. The penguin was the last topless runner to finish the sprint.  

Looking at the photos, particularly that of Allen, I guess a lesson learned for me is to do the sprint like Mike, as in Michael Jordan. Have your tongue out as you stroke those leg kicks. hahaha...

Well, back to the drawing board for the penguin.  Till next year's sprinting event.  Next year the ladies promised to take off their shirts.  So we hope.   


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