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January 4, 2012


As true-blue runners, we always look forward to running even during holidays and homecomings.  That is why us 83nean runners were excited to join the fun run scheduled as one of the  activities of the Ateneo de Naga University homecoming celebrations scheduled for December 30, 2011.  Please refer to the program of activities as provided by Karl Llorin of the Office of Alumni and International Relations of our alma mater.

Alumni Homecoming 2011 Inv theme

Even though we only had an hour or 2 of dream time, given the enjoyable dinner reunion we had the night before with the lovely colegialas and handsome seminaristas, five of us Batch 83 runners were up and about in the early morning hour of 5am at the starting venue which was in front of the Ateneo de Naga Four Pillars.  The five of us were Allen Tolledo, Bobby Castilla, Ron Hemady, Ruben “Fards” Fajardo and myself.  And 4 of us were wearing the 2011 achievement shirt which lists at the back of the shirts the 5 marathons and 5 ultramarathons finished collectively by 83nean runners in the year just passed.  

Wearing proud the 2011 achievement shirt

The fun run was organized by the HS Batch 87 of the Ateneo de Naga which boasts of having 4 triathlon finishers.  Hmmmm......They are gunning  to be a wellness-oriented batch.  That is good and promising.  It is nice to know kindred spirits in the pursuit of a different kind of high.  We in Hs Batch 83 pride ourselves in having 10 marathon finishers and counting.

Sad to say, the running craze is not yet in full blast in the Ateneo de Naga community as evidenced by the relatively small number of less than 50 runners who were at the starting area come gun start.  

Start of the Ateneo fun run

No matter.  Running is not so much about quantity but more about quality.  And quality run we tried to achieve when all 5 Batch 83 participants ran together the whole 5 kilometers from the Four Pillars into the commercial center of Naga City and back to the school campus.  And there was no better feeling for me on that December 30 than the feeling of running side by side (5 abreast) on the last 100 meters to the finish line with my fellow running warriors of Batch 83, the runningest batch of  our alma mater.

83neans running as a group

No Galloway this time.  Running 5 kms non-stop

At the end of our 5-km run, all 5 of us bowed to run every year during the Ateneo de Naga homecoming.  It is now on its second year.  Let us see how long this streak will last for 83nean runners.

83nean runners with Batch 87 president
Batch 83 runners with post-run snacks
Showing our like for the A

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