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January 13, 2013


A big portion of the Bataan Death March 102km Ultra is night time running.  

In fact, the BDM 102 Ultra starts at night (10 pm) in Bataan. Thus, it is imperative that BDM runners are extra careful. One of the Race Rules of the Race Director (Bald Runner) of BDM reads as follow:

“During night time running, runners should wear “reflectorized” vest or wear “reflectorized” strips on their running apparel. Obviously, runners should also be using headlights and hand-held flashlight. Runners without these item/s will not be allowed to participate in the event.”

Given this directive from the good General, I purchased today from Planet Sports in Alabang Town Center the latest product from Headware (www.theheadware.com).  It is the Reflector Headware.  It is your basic headware with a crucial addition:  can’t miss it’ sized strip of durable reflective material from 3M Scotchlite.

Unlike the reflectorized vest, I think I would like this Reflector Headware as it would not be as obstrusive to my running  as the “reflectorized” vest. Plus, the color I choose, the Blue Flare, matches quite well my runnin8 m3n shirt from ARC.

Time to test it in my night and early morning runs. Time to look good and safe in our night ops.

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