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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

September 12, 2013


EmoticonYesterday was my birthday and I availed of a birthday leave from First Balfour.  

I ran 47. Would have wanted 47 kilometers but two factors contributed to me settling for 47 minutes.

First was that since it was a Wednesday and a workday, my fellow 83neans were understandably not around to accompany me on a long and slow distance run. Running long can be boring and the presence of running buddies helps a lot to make it more enjoyable and relaxing. 

Second, Marcel  had no classes on that Wednesday and fortunately  was available to be with me the whole day. Doing 47 kilometers would have robbed me 7 hours of quality bonding time with my son.

Thus,  I went for 47 minutes of running inside our village late yesterday morning while my son gave company to her lola. After this heat training run, my son and I went to Alabang Town Center where he enjoyed  his favorite meal of inihaw na liempo from Reyes Barbecue. It was my treat to him on my birthday. We are blessed that my son does not have an expensive taste. On my part, I had a big bowl of Mongolian.

Later that night, our  family --  my son,  my wife, my mom, my sisters, and my nephew trooped to the Ascension of Our Lord parish church in Paranaque to offer a mass for my departed father.  9-11 is his birthday, too.

Simple yet meaningful way to celebrate a birthday. What is important is that one is with loved ones.  
Thank you very much to all those who remembered and greeted me. I am now  three years away from the big 50. With a little help from running, we 83neans  hope to be one of the  younger looking golden boys out there.  50 is the new 40.


  1. belated Happy birthday BP!!!- carlito

  2. Thanks Carlito. Are you running at the Rizal to Laguna ultra scheduled this Oct 27?

  3. Hi BP! I want to run the Rizal to Laguna, but I need to rest for the West Coast 200 multi-stage. Its too risky. I will most probably join the Cavite to Laguna run on dec 29 and/or the rizal day 50k if things go as planned. Give my regards to Bob and Ernie! hope to see you guys soon on the road! God bless sir! - carlito

  4. Thank you Carlito. Good luck on your West Coast 200. Bob told me he is joining this ultra race by Bald Runner. Saludo ako sa inyo. You guys are pushing the envelope further in local ultra running.

    1. thanks sir, I'm dedicating it to my dad. just want to make him proud. please pray for all of us doing the 200k! I'm sure it' will be a blast. Also, all the best in your BP anniv ultra run! One big fight tayo sir, one big fight!- carlito