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December 16, 2013

7 ELEVEN RUN 1000 : Registered Already

EmoticonLast week, thanks to the help of fellow running blogger (www.wanderingjouster.com), I was able to register already for the half marathon of the 7-Eleven Run 1000 scheduled for January 19, 2014 (for more details please refer to http://www.run711.com/). 

The Run 711 website has a section which lists the registered participants.
There are so many things to like about this run which celebrates the opening of 7-Eleven’s 1,000th store in the Philippines.   One of them is their synergistic use of the store’s extensive branch network in the registration process. To complete registration, runners can pay reg fees at the 7-Eleven nearest them. Race Kits can be claimed on the date indicated on the receipt, and from the same store where payment has been made.  On these days and nights of monster traffic jams, this innovative approach is certainly a big plus.

Of course, for me, the foremost appeal of the 7-Eleven run is the venue. This half marathon will be run thru the CAVITEX, a coastal highway in Cavite. Imagine the allure of running with a body of water  on both sides. WJ had her experience last year and I want to have that same ecstatic look.

Route Map

Aerial view of CAVITEX

Picture of WJ along CAVITEX (taken from the Wandering Jouster blog)
Better make sure to train for this half marathon so that when the cameras start clicking on the coastal highway, the BP will be galloping and not waddling.Emoticon


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