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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

January 17, 2014


EmoticonThe Holiday running streak that I started last December 22, 2013 (http://bicolanopenguin.blogspot.com/2013/12/running-streak-this-holiday-season.html?utm_source=BP_recent) ended January 14, 2014 for a total of 24 days running daily of at least 3 kms per day. 

During this streak, the  aggregate mileage reached a sum of 182 kilometers. The streak went beyond the Happy Three Kings and I was hoping to extend it to Valentine’s Day but an odeng dinner that proved to be delicious  and entertaining  stopped me on my tracks on the night of January 15.  I simply could not run with my stomach full.  

No regrets though as I got a taste of starting a streak.  No doubt there will be a repeat come 2014 Christmas holidays. The holiday running  streak produced  a handful of gifts for me:

1. got to run and visit the memorial resting places of national figures like Ninoy, Cory, Roco and Robredo;

2. developed the discipline of washing running  shirts and shorts immediately after a run (need to because I was running out of shorts to wear on the daily running); 

3.  discovered the gift of ice for recovery; and 

4. lost 3 pounds instead of gaining weight during the holiday season. 

The steak, ooppsss, I mean the streak was simply worth it.Emoticon


  1. Steak is good. It is the useless sugar (soda and juice) and carbs and industrial oils (corn, peanut, etc.) are what killing us now. Aside from the obvious lack acitivities or movement of modern humans, who are slowly fading away unless they go back to the basics or what our ancestors had been doing several thousand years ago. But then again, what do I know :)

  2. Good one Atty Jon. I have not touched a soda in 6 days already. Yes, I am having steak tonight, hahahaha.......