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February 17, 2014

RUNNER’S WORLD PHILIPPINES: January-March 2014 Issue

EmoticonOne of several gifts I received on Valentine’s Day was a copy of the Runner’s World Philippines magazine  January-March 2014 issue.  

It was sent by Jieneb of Summit Publishing.  Feeling happy and lucky on that day, I leafed thru the pages and got to glimpse some interesting articles:

On pages 14-15 is a Training write up by Lisa Marshall entitled “Master the Plan” which gives out pointers on how to craft the best plan on race day itself. I quickly had a dog leaf on this article as this would prove  helpful for our Mayon 360 preparations.

At page 17, I saw a familiar name, Ige Lopez, who was the instructor at a Mizuno running clinic I attended roughly 5 years ago.  My very first running clinic. The title of Coach Ige’s article is “Go Hard or Go Home” and it extols the benefits of lung-busting, gut-wrenching intervals. It promises to bring out the “speed demon” in you. Even from a certified  penguin?  Let the BP try it out.

On page 24  is an infographics  listing down the benefits of running.  Of the 9 mentioned, 2 are pleasant surprises for me. The first one is that running is not bad, but good for your knees. Say that again. Research from Australia’s Monash University  suggests that the impact of running can increase cartilage production, which can safeguard your joints from arthritis. The next one is that running saves your skin. With runners exposed to long bouts under the sun, one would think that running is bad for the skin but researchers at the Rutgers University found that mice who drank caffeinated water and then ran had fewer skin-cancer tumors than rodents who either just got caffeine or just ran. The caffeine-exercise combo caused fewer damaged cells to develop.

In the next page, on the Body Shop section, are 5 dynamic warm up preps that can help in the long-time quest for pain-free running:  Warrior Lunge, Toy Soldier, Lateral Squat, Star Touch and Runner’s Touch. I wonder if there is a warm up routine called Crouching Tiger.

The main article starts at page 50 and is entitled “Mars & Venus On the Run”.  Written by Jennifer Van Allen and Micah Vanessa Sulit, this special feature dwells on why mixing romance and running can be so tough. For many couples, they may love running and being together but more often than not, they may not love running together.

At pages 4 and 5 is the Rave Run photo spread which features the Quezon National Park which is aptly nicknamed “Bitukang Manok.” It is a sign from the running gods for me and my 83nean  buddies to perhaps run  this 50-km ultra (http://www.takbo.ph/2014/02/map-50k-ultra-run-2014/) a few weeks before our home ultra of Mayon 360.

Thank you, Jieneb. I enjoyed reading the magazine.Emoticon

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