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March 3, 2015

PARANAQUE RUNNING CIRCLE: Another Milestone in the Journey

With the oath-taking of its duly-elected officers this Tuesday (Mar 2) inside the Mayor's office of the Paranaque City Hall , the Paranaque Running Circle (PRC) achieved another milestone in its journey for legitimacy and relevance. To recap the past 12 months, we have seen the following major steps made by the PRC:

1. Election of officers of the running club in March 2014. 

2.  Register  with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) the running club as "Paranaque Running Circle, Inc.". The SEC incorporation papers were received Dec 2014. 

3.  The new PRC running shirt is distributed to members in February 2015.

4.  Oath taking of officers:  President (Mannix Manapat), Vice President (Vic Esta), Treasurer (Marivic Perez), Secretary (Delia Francisco), and Directors (Marnel Vidola, Harry Mediavillo, Ildebrando Yap, Generoso Bazar, and Christopher Recamara).     

PRC officers waiting for the appointed time of the oath-taking.

Witnesses to the Oath-taking  were in full force. 

Never a boring time with this group
The choice of who the leader will be that will administer the oath-taking to the PRC officers was quite deliberate. It was decided that it will be the Mayor of Paranaque City, the Honorable Edwin L. Olivarez.  Rightly so as the mayor is considered the "ama ng bayan" that can provide inspiration, guidance and support to a fledgling albeit dynamic sports grouping such as the PRC.  Moreover, it was a pleasant surprise to learn from the Mayor himself that he is a sporstman as well,  having played competitive lawn tennis in his youth. He is currently the President of  the Philippine Tennis Association (PHILTA). 

Mayor Olivarez talking sports with the PRC officers.

Oath-taking, the main event of the morning

Group photo of the PRC officers and Mayor Olivarez. 

Group photo, including the witnesses.

A PRC running shirt for the Mayor.
The Mayor signing the oath. 
Given the shared passion for sports, the PRC officers and the good mayor had a nice and healthy conversation before and after the oath-taking about running and the need for an active exercise lifestyle. He adviced the officers to also touch base with the Youth and Sports Development Office (YSDO) of Paranaque City. This the PRC officers did and they got to meet and talk with Alex Dandan, the YSDO Officer-in-Charge. 

PRC officers visiting YSDO Officer-in-Charge Alex Dandan
After the visit to City Hall, the PRC officers and the invited witnesses at Big Plate in nearby BF. While dining with the officers, I get to hear from Mannix that one of the next big steps they are looking at is to support or even organize a fun run that will raise funds to support the needs of People With Disabilities (PWD). To us hearing this, it was music to our ears as helping others is certainly a step in making the running club more relevant to the community. 

More power and blessings indeed to the Paranaque Running Circle. Congratulations.      





  1. i never get tired of reading your article and still amused how fast things get registered in your brain and eventually put it all in a writing.
    Thank you bicolano penguin for the nth time featuring the PRC in your blog and thank you for the time witnessing the progress of this team.
    More power and God bless you more

  2. Thank you Prexy Mannix. It is a privilege to be a witness to the growth of PRC. Running , by its nature, is an individual sports but I am often fascinated of how well and comfy the PRC members make it into a social group adventure. I guess it is the Filipino in all of us. Certainly, it has been a joy for me to be part of PRC.