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March 13, 2015

ALTRA PROVISION 2.0: Synergy of Form and Substance

Man, by nature,  is  visual. We easily and eagerly get attracted to bright colors and  shapely form. Thus, I can be forgiven for succumbing easily to the allure of the Altra Provision 2.0. What with colorways that are beautiful to our eyes : Gray-Blue; Black-Red: and Green-Blue. All 3 colors are cool and the supplier (Singphil)   shipped me the Green-Blue pair.

Man, by design, is curious.   As a user of multiple-models of Altra running shoes, I am familiar and appreciative of the game-changing modifications that this shoe brand has become to be known for: cushioned zero-drop and foot-shaped toe box. What piqued my curiosity for the Altra Provision 2.0 is the introduction of Stabilipod technology which provides a tripod of stability by boosting suport in the medial, lateral and heel of the foot.  Perhaps this innovation will help me deal with my supination. Perhaps there is  substance in all that flashy form.  

Only one way to find out and that is to use the running shoes on the road. I ran with ,my new Altra Provision 2.0 a day after receiving the package.  All I can say is that it looks great and feel great. It does not feel like a brick on the road as my experience of other stability shoes in the past have shown. It provides a comfy ride for me and I can feel the midfoot strike in full stride. I am happy running with my Altra Provision 2.0.  Perhaps the photos will illustrate my point.

The point indeed being made is that this Altra Provision 2.0 is synergy in action.  A synergy of form and substance.

P.S.  A bonus that came with my  order of the Altra Provision 2.0 is a pair of Altra Provision 1.0 which was free of charge. Thank you SingPhil.     


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