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March 2, 2015


Come this Saturday (Mar 7), there is a worthwhile fun run in a provincial town that is very much worth visiting.  Such a fun run is the "Takbo Para Kay Juana" and such a town is Sariaya in the province of Quezon. I was informed of this race by my row5runnin friend Gudelia Marcelo who is a proud Sariayahin.  

"Takbo Para Kay Juana" is worthwhile as it is  a fund raising effort for the construction of  the Sariaya Crisis Intervention and Training Center. As my friend Gudelia explained it, the organizing committee is Sariaya's Municipal Gender and Development Focal Point System (MGAD FPS) which is headed by Rowena Masilang, the proactive wife of the hard-working mayor of Sariaya.  This advocacy run has been conceived to strengthen the town's support for women in crisis, particularly the victims of abuse and domestic violence.  There is a plan to build a center specifically for women. It is not solely a crisis intervention center, but also a livelihood center for women.  The  center will provide not only facilities for stress management but more importantly, a place where they can develop skills that will make them productive members of the country while they continue to stay home-based and able to care for the family. 

Sariaya is a town very much worth visiting as it is considered one of the heritage centers of the Southern Tagalog region. Given its glorious past, particularly the booming decades of the coconut plantations in the late 18th century and early 20th century, the town is host to many beautiful and historic mansions and edifices  of the Art Deco style. The municipality's present is also promising as a tourist destination given the many pristine beaches in the southern part of the town. In fact, the route of the fun run will take the runners passing by the  lovely beach resorts of Sariaya. 
Sariaya Municipal Town Hall built in 1931 in Art Deco Style by famous Architect Juan Arellano

One of the big Art Deco Style mansions in Sariaya. 

Nice beaches in...


Route map of Takbo Para Kay Juana.
So, what are we waiting for?  For me and my row5runnin buddies , this Mar 7 is marked for an early morning drive to Sariaya to join (10 kms) this  worthwhile fun run. 





  1. oh, this is simply wow! i thank our God for blessing us with people like you. thank you for this nice of writing about Sariaya. so yes, let's have fun on March 7. let's run! :)

  2. Your welcome G. Always a pleasure for me to write and then run and then write about a fun run in a beautiful place in the provinces. I believe your hometown Sariaya is one such place.