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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

February 28, 2015


Blogger's Note:

This is the third in a series of stories of the Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2015 experience.  Of the 6 First Balfour runners entered in the TBRDM this year, Alice Monfero is the one I have known for the longest time.  She was a co-worker when I headed the Treasury team in FB more than a decade ago. She is pretty athletic and has excellent  physical flexibility.  When I first recruited officemates to join
the TBDRM in 2012, she was first on my list.  But at that time, she was focusing on her motherhood duties of a growing brood of cute kids.  Four years elapsed before she took on the challenge with hubby Eric's approval. and support.  Reaching  the finish line with a time of 7 hours & 1 minute together with Migo Antonio and Ems Ros , she has now a marathon story to tell her grandchildren way front in the future.  Till then, we are sure she would be conquering more marathons and beyond. This is the tale from  future "astig lola" Alice. 
I have never imagined that I would join a marathon. When my First Balfour colleagues nominated me last year for the TBR (The Bull Runner) Dream Marathon, I did not sign up right away hoping that the list will be filled-up before I register. So when TBR confirmed my registration I still have my hesitation if I really wanted to run 42kms. and become a marathoner.

I never imagine it, because why bother? 42kilometers is approximately from Benpres to Sucat office. Why run when there’s a shuttle?  My motivation for running was just to loose weight.

Anyway, I started my TBR training. Sayang ang registration fee-hahaha. They will give you a workout plan that you need to follow for 6 months. So, I spent my lunchbreak running in the thread mill, do long runs in the weekend.  I choose what I eat and count my calories. To make my long story short, I tried to live healthier. During my trainings, I never realized that it is not only my body that I am  changing but also my life. I am stronger– I gone out of my comfort zone.“Life begins at the end of the comfort zone”.

Why run 42 kilometers?

You will be surprised with what your body is capable of doing, more importantly what my mind can do once you’re committed doing it!  Quitting is never an option when I decided to run the TBR. During the marathon when my legs were stiffed as a board I never thought of quitting but rather how can I reach the finish line. I kept on convincing myself – kontina lang..8kms. nalang…2 kms. nalang…“Pasasaanba’tmatatapos din to”!

1.      No pain, no gain – I gain real friends. Friends who are more stringent in my work plan, my trainings schedules, friends who advise me what energy gel to try, what food to eat before and after each training.Rose (20) lend me her Garmin watch for my interval run, she even gave me energy gel during my marathon. Delsie(Giray) lend me her compression leg sleeves. Icar(Goodman) and Rose(20) ran with me during my last few kilometers. To the Bicolano penguin, from beginning to end of my marathon journey, the penguin was there, supporting me.They all took good care of me. They were there when I finally reached the finish line.

2.      Reborn!!! – My legs were sore, the sun was scorching hot, the finish line seems teasing me and running away from me but when I conquered it and saw smiling faces of family, friends, clapping, laughing, all the pain ebbed away!!

I did it, Fortyfreakingtwo!!!I am a marathoner.

When I am gray and wrinkly, I have a story to tell my grandchildren- I can tell them “ Astig ang lola nyo!!!

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