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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

February 28, 2015


Blogger's Note:

For the Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2015, the Bicolano Penguin provided support to six First Balfour officemates. Come the late morning of Feb 22, all 6 were beaming with pride and exuding joy as they got their first taste of the full mary. The BP has requested all 6 to share their experiences and thoughts on this milestone. The first to submit is the first one to finish (6 hrs & 43 mins)   among the 6. She is Richelle Hua, one of our young and promising mechanical engineers in our company.   While a junior in  high school, she was a track and field athlete but had to stop during her senior year due to asthma. A key factor to her success was that she was accompanied in her marathon journey by her fiancee Carlo. One inspired runner indeed and here is her story of one amazing 42km run.    

On pre-race day (21 Feb) , I was on half a day at work and need to be getting ready before the marathon. Slept early as scheduled based on TBR Reminder and woke up just in time for dinner (make sure at least 2 hours before the race). 

A chill weather in Sta. Rosa. Arrived exactly 1am for the warming up and pee party session before the gun start.  We can see  the faces and the excitement in each and everyone of the runners to officially run first marathon with TBR.

Previous runners were there to support first timers,  Coaches and organizers give warm speeches and reminders. Luckily, we have our own Coach Macky with us to pace the First Balfour team. 

Race started exactly 2am, we took the easy pace in the beginning and remembering to reserve our energy/stamina for the second half (21k).  TBR "dream chasers" are there with their full support to cheer each runner and provide energy food/drink such as gatorade, water, fruits, chips, chocolates, to strengthen us along the way.

During the first few kilometers, we can feel our body heating up but still a chill inside...Ramdam mo yung hangin, ang lamig! Nakakangatog haha! Hirap talaga pagpawisan at mabilis maihi.

First 21K was good.  Stamina is fine.  At Km 32, what started to get out of focus is the pain in the knee/joint part and the feet. There are times that I tried to walk it off for awhile.  If there is grass I prefer to walk there than the concrete road before running back again.  I also noticed that you can feel the pain more when you walk too much rather than running.  We tried run and fast walk in 2:1 pace again. My last 8 kms was tough, enduring the pain but then a lot of dream chasers are there to cheer you up and encourages you,  saying that you were able to do the 34 kms, what more the last 8 kms. Go, go, go! 

There are also inspirational quotes/messages along the route for you to not be bored and remind you of why you join the Bull Runner Dream Marathon and just have fun in running.  Thank you also to my athletic partner for pushing me to the limits, that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. "Just look up to Him", said the coach.

First Balfour officemates arrive just in time.  In tough times as well to cheer us up. 

Last 3 kms...Konti na lang. Pagod na. Ang init. Pero wala na kaming ibaang naiisip kundi malapit na sa finish line and at last!!! GOAL!  The Bull Runner Jaymie, alumni, FB team, family and friends are all waiting at the finish line to warmly congratulate us. It is enough for us to forget all the pain we are currently feeling that time.  Sarap!  

Now I am proud to say the four words, "I AM A MARATHONER!!!"
As they say:  "Pain is temporary, but glory is forever."

Tara. Takbo tayo. 


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