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November 12, 2011

ENERGIZER NIGHT RACE: A positive synergy


For a  company that prides itself in producing the longest lasting battery in the world, it makes a lot of business sense that  Energizer Philippines, Inc. (EPI)  gets to sponsor in a big way  an event that celebrates a sport that puts a premium on  endurance of the human kind. 

So it came about that the firm  synergized into fruition the Energizer Philippines Night Race series.  The very first in the Philippines  came about in Cebu last July 10,  2010, followed by Davao and Dagupan held on April 16, 2011 and May  21, 2011, respectively.

On a drizzling  November 5 Saturday night, the Night Run finally happened in the National Capital Region.  Held at Taguig City , the Manila leg hosted a robust crowd of  5000+ runners for the 3-km, 5-km and 10-km categories.  

My 13-year old son Marcel and myself ran  the 5kms in the Energizer Night Race.  Our race registration was paid for by my wife,  Marianne, who has been working  for EPI  for the past 17 years (talk about longevity and loyalty).

The race pack for this fun run was generous.  It included a sexy black singlet which had the most comfy feel of all the local fun run  singlets I had this year.  The centrepiece though of the race pack was the Energizer headlight which insured that the night run participants will be able to safely navigate the dark roads of  Bonifacio Global City.    An added bonus to the race pack was the Schick razor blade to have  better grooming for the runners.

Upon our arrival an hour before race start,  we could not help but notice the festive  concert-like feel of the assembly area. There was a concert stage and true enough, the organizers delivered a good show replete  with product demonstrations on the featured Energizer headlights and dance numbers spiced up by GMA Network stars and starlets.  

Corporate social responsibility was  present front and center.  The highlight of the  program was the turnover by Energizer officials to the GMA Kapuso foundation of funds for the benefit of hearing impaired children. Talk about practical synergy manifested by the Energizer Night Race :  active wellness benefits for the runner-participants; priceless product exposure for the company’s products; and generous funds given to a community in need.  “Positive energy” indeed!
Runners with Energizer headlights raring to start the run

After all these festive fireworks (figuratively and literally), the race was on with the 10-km runners going first followed by 5-km participants and 3-km joggers in 5-min intervals.  After the first kilometer, the loud party music gave way to the sound of the thumping  of running shoes. 

My kind of music.  And on this drizzling autumn  night, I am privileged to enjoy this delightful symphony with my one and only son.  I have had some running exploits with my son in the past, majority of them in the Loyola Heights campus of the Ateneo but this night run was special to him.  He would show to his loving mom that he would finish the  5 kilometers with nary a complaint but instead finish it strong.  So for the next few kilometres, I shadowed my son and his nikes.  I smiled as my son is blessed with  a  fluid running form. Plus, I detect this time a sense of purpose in his strides, no more zigzagging and dilly dallying as in past fun runs. And when we turned left on the last curve for the finish line, he let go a strong burst of speed, overtaking several older runners in the process.  Time flies when you are having fun in a run.

No doubt, a strong finish for my son.  No doubt, a proud dad in me and a proud mom in my wife.    
Marcel and me (BP) at the Energizer Night Race
Muchas gracias  Energizer for this night race.  A priceless and positive synergy for all.  

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