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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

April 19, 2013


This afternoon, I was on the internet searching for a suitable symbol of the Boston Marathon that I could print on a  shirt which I can use in a half marathon I am running this coming Sunday, April 21. I am touched by what happened on that fateful day of 04.15.13. 

I am a runner and I believe that the universal sentiment among  runners around the globe is to show our solidarity to the Boston Marathon and what it stands for. The showing of solidarity can take many forms and for me, a simple yet practical way is to wear a shirt that announces such solidarity.  

  Searching the images at Google, I stumbled on this blue and yellow ribbon with the words "Boston Strong."  This appealed to me and it made me more curious about the words.  So I googled further and I came about the inspiring blog entry of the Pavement Runner (http://pavementrunner.com/boston-strong-city/) which called for a community run to be organized in every city. In his words, "On Monday, April 22, a week after the 117th Boston Marathon, I’d like an organized run to happen in each city, put on by the community of runners. This will involve someone stepping up from their city to coordinate either on their blog, facebook or twitter. It could be 3 people running together, 10 people running together, or hundreds running…but we do it together."

Of course, I am not an American but this did not deter me from emailing pavementrunner @gmail.com to express my interest.  After I emailed him, I immediately texted two runners based near my village in the southern part of  Metro Manila. 

The first one I texted is  Fr. Didoy Molina, our former parish priest in Paranaque City who now heads a parish in Alabang, Muntinlupa.  He said yes.  The next one is my fellow blogger, Wandering Jouster. She said  yes, too.  

We are now 3 runners and since we plan to have it in Filinvest City in Muntinlupa City, we are calling it Boston Strong Muntinlupa. 

Of course, other runners in the Paranaque-Muntinlupa-Las Pinas area are  welcome to join. Let me know of your interest to join us in the Boston Strong Muntinlupa run this  by emailing me at vmdelima@firstbalfour.com or posting a comment below. This is a work in progress and details shall follow.

The Boston Strong Muntinlupa Run is planned for  April 22 in Filinvest City at 5:30 am. It  is a group run to show solidarity for Boston. There is no registration fee.  No singlets. No water stations. No breakfast afterwards. No loot bags. Not even a permit to do the run inside Filinvest City (although I am told there is no such need). What we have is a community of individuals  passionate about running and passionate about life.

Running is free.


  1. Thank you Ja@Ja.
    Running this April 22? You can join us at Muntinlupa. If you are far, you can have your own Boston Strong run in your city. As pavement runner said in his blog, it doesn't matter if there are 3 runners or 30 or a hundred. What is important is you do something to express your solidarity with the spirit of Boston Marathon, and running in general.

  2. Proud of you kapatid... check our BostonStrong San Diego... Jonas


  3. Maraming salamat kapatid na Jonas. Happy to have a message from San Diego, California. We have several family friends in the area, particularly among the US Navy community. Great stuff on your quote at Fox5 San Diego.