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April 16, 2013


I received last April 12, 2013 an unexpected email from Vimz Mendoza, the person behind the Kulit on the Run blog,  one of the top 10 running blogs in the Philippines. 

She was inviting me, together with other running bloggers, to a launch event of the Run United 2 (RU2). Only this time, instead of the usual dinner or cocktail set up, the bloggers’ event was in the morning, the morning of April 14 to be specific. 

It was my first time to be invited to a bloggers’ event and the one inviting was someone who gave me a taste of blogging.  Way back in 2010, when I did not have yet the Bicolano Penguin blog, Kulit on the Run posted my write up on the first edition of the Camsur International Marathon (http://kulitrunner.wordpress.com/2010/09/30/the-summit-water-camsur-marathon-a-runners-feedback/). Thus, I readily said yes to the invitation.  In fact, even thanking Vimz for such an opportunity.

And boy, am I ever so thankful for the experience of my first bloggers’ event.

The event called “Mornings with Active Health” or MWAH is organized by the good people of Unilab Active Health led by its officers.  The first ever MWAH is the RU2 Bloggers’ Launch and it was held in UP Diliman, specifically the UP Bahay ng Alumni and the nearby track and field oval.  

Group picture at the MWAH. Spot the Bicolano Penguin.
Many running bloggers were invited and it was a rare opportunity for me to commune with a handful of them. The familiar faces I saw in the event included, of course,  Kulitrunner and Jazzrunner.  Later on, I got to meet and talk to Running Pinoy, Running Atom (http://runningatom.blogspot.com/) and Little Running Teacher (http://www.littlerunningteacher.com/).

The bloggers were well taken  cared of during the MWAH.  All of us blogger-participants were given a cool blue singlet  and running cap from Unilab Active Health (http://unilabactivehealth.com/) when we arrived at the area by 5:30am . Coach Rio was around by 6am  and he taught  the bloggers several warm up drills  that included carioca and Russian goose steps. It was fun for all of runners to learn from one of the best in the local running scene.  And it became even more fun when we had a 30-minute jaunt around the 2.2-km loop in UP. After that, there was an exercise challenge where a runner gets to do 5 burpees (or squat thrust)  followed by a 100 meter-sprint, and do 5 burpees again  and finally sprint back 100 meters. The time to beat was 40 seconds. There were several brave souls among the bloggers who went for the 40-second challenge and  all of them surprisingly were successful. Running bloggers are indeed a healthy fit bunch and do actually run to improve their craft.

At the UP track and field oval

Drills (Photo courtesy of Unilab Active Health facebook)
All that exercise, running and sprinting sure did make all of us hungry by 8am. The organizers had a delicious breakfast all planned out for us at the Chocolate Kiss Restaurant inside UP Bahay ng Alumni.  Coach Rio whispered that the resto served very good beef tapa.  I thanked him for the  tip and proceeded to order from the waiter.  Turns out the good coach shared the tip for almost everyone present and thus making the kitchen hard pressed to serve all the beef tapas. Eventually, the plate of beef tapa arrived and it sure tasted as advertised.

While having our breakfast, there were a couple audio visual presentations made. First off was a brand manager by the name of Bianca  who talked  about the  J-Curve and how their 2 products (Enervon Activ & Enervon HP) could help with our  stamina and recovery. One of these days, I will be able to make some write up on these products.  That is after I have tried them.

Next was the presentation by Coach Rio on the upcoming Run United 2.  Details of RU2 (http://runrio.com/2013/04/run-united-2-2013/) I will highlight in the next article.  Suffice to say for now, that the RU2 remains true to the ideal of “To be more than who you were yesterday.”

After the presentations, Q & A followed.  Then the bloggers had a group picture with Coach Rio and a few leaders of the Unilab Active Health.    

Q & A
With Running Pinoy

With Kulit On the Run

The MWAH  was a cool and novel experience for me.  In attending a bloggers’ launch of an event, I got to be informed of the RU2 event. I also got to know about some active lifestyle products from Unilab. In a way, I got to reflect on the business sense of this all.  

The answer I do come up is that Unilab Active Health’s mission of  “promoting an active lifestyle for the family through multiple platforms so the Filipino family can become healthier than ever” is a form of  bayanihan.  And as we all know, Bayanihan is the symbol of Unilab.



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