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May 19, 2013

BOOK OF BDM: Badass Death Match

Running is part physical, part mental. And the longer the distance, the more mental it gets. 

The simplest mental exercise I know is reading books, in particular, books about running. Thru the years, I have been blessed to have accumulated a dozen or so of these books, ranging from the international bestseller "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougal to the thought-provoking "Eat & Run" by ultra superstar Scot Jurek.   Some how to books like "Boston Marathon: How to Qualify" by Jeff Galloway and Runner’s World "Big Book of Marathon and Half-Marathon Training."

Now add to this list "Badass Ultimate Death Match" by Ben Thompson. 

Say what?

A compendium of skull-crushing true stories of glory and honor in the battlefield in ancient times (B. C. circa) to modern warfare era. The book deals with well-known historical figures like Richard the Lion Hearted and Cyrus the Great, but has a lot of ink for some lesser-known heroes like the Mapuche chieftain Caupolican, the deadshot Russian sniper Jacob Pavlov and Israeli tanker par excellent Zvika Greengold. What these men-of-war have in common is that they all have been significant and defining players in some "badass" military engagements in history.

Red Army’s Pavlov

What makes a "badass" battle?

The author Ben Thompson, founder and administrator of the website www.badassoftheweek.com, enumerates 3 key elements that make any confrontation "badass" : high stakes, impossible odds and blaze of glory.

Talk of glory and impossible odds can’t help but motivate runners to go for those ridiculous amount of mileage we encounter in ultra running.  This is the rationale why I procured (at a 20% discount from Fully Booked) and added  "Badass Ultimate Death Match" to my running book collection.

Perhaps someday, I can upgrade and rebel yell "Old Man my Badass".     

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