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May 15, 2013


I just got a copy of the Runner’s World Magazine (June 2013 issue).  

While it has some cool articles that deal with Protein-Packed Foods, Mars & Venus gender split of runners, and the latest rage of Color Runs, I found the piece at page 25 very interesting.

Entitled "Once Is Not Enough" and written by RW intern Kit Fox, it talks about the Double Road Race series which is  currently on its infancy in the American running scene. In this new series, participants are required to run a 10-K and then a 5-K separated by a 105-minute halftime. During the downtime, runners have access to a recovery zone with a nutrition station, exercise bikes, foam rollers, stretching mats, and massage therapists.

The Double Road Race series was launched by Bob Anderson (RW magazine founder) in December 2012 in Pleasanton, California, with its first race participated in by 1,400 runners,  and will expand to 10 cities this 2013, including Denver, Colorado and Indianapolis, Indiana.  

I wonder how soon this new race concept reaches the Philippine shores. I will be waiting for it and hope to be part of its inaugural running here. For those with advance info, let me know.

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