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May 2, 2013


Last April 24, I was again invited by “Kulit on the Run” (http://kulitrunner.wordpress.com/) to another  Bloggers’ event at Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. This time it was about the launch of the Enervon Activ Hydration Belt Promo. 


1.This promo is exclusively for registered 2013 Run United 2 participants.

2. Purchase of 10 pieces ENERVON ACTIV at any of the authorized registration center of RU2 (worth Php 120) and get the limited edition Active Health Hydration Belt for only Php 200 (includes 2 bottles X 180 mL).

3.Race bib number must be presented when availing the promo.

4.Promo can be availed once per bib number only.

5.Promo duration April 26-May 26 or until supplies last.

Per DOH-FDA Permit No. 0831 s. 2013

As can be seen in the mechanics,  this promo is done in synergy with the Run United Trilogy of races.  The overall theme of Run United is to challenge the runners to level up their running experiences. It is about pushing oneself to run farther and even faster.  Integral to this levelling up experience is the need for a lot of training runs, particularly of the long distance kind. And with long distance comes the need for adequate and proper hydration.  Surely, having a hydration gadget (i.e. Nathan Hydration belt or the Simple Hydration Bottle) is a big plus.

But these gadgets from Nathan or Amphipod don’t come cheap. Enter now this promo from Enervon Activ. If you are a registered participant for the RU2, you can get it for Php 200 plus a purchase of 10 Enervon Activ capsules priced at Php 120. The total cash outlay is Php 320.  Affordable for many.

How about its performance?

I did get to try one as the bloggers present in the April 24 launch were given one each of the Enervon Activ Hydration Belt.  I used it when I ran around the village for 15 kms.

Here are my observations:

1.The Enervon Activ Hydration Belt has two 6.1-oz bottles, bringing its total capacity to 12 oz.  This is nearly the 13-oz capacity of  my reliable Simple Hydration Bottle (retailing at Php 750 in Seconwind). The Simple Hydration Bottle website pegs 13 oz as the perfect amount of liquid hydration for runs of 3 to 10 miles. 

2. The 6.1 oz bottles are BPA-free.  Bisphenol A (BPA) exhibits hormone-like properties that raise concern about its suitability in consumer products and food containers (http://www.efoodsdirect.com/blog/why-you-must-not-store-bottled-water/).  Unilab Active informed us that that  they have certification from the supplier confirming that the bottles are BPA-free.

3.Aside from the two 6.1-oz bottle that are secured in place within 2 side pocket-like contraptions, there is a middle pocket whose dimensions are more generous than many of the other hydration belts. You could fit in your cellphone, car keys, a few gels and even extra cash. 

4.The two 6.1-oz bottles are fit in the side pockets very snugly. Perhaps too snug for faster ease of take out. I find that I cannot get the bottles out of the side pockets while running, as easy as say the Nathan or Amphiphod models.  I had to stop my run to do so.  I guess one has got to get used to it to do it on the run.

5. The fit around the waist is ok.  I tried it on at my back and at my front. My preference is in front. It gives me easier access to the bottles and the pocket. The Enervon Activ hydration bottle  did not slip down, but I had to make a tugged at it a couple of times during the 15-km run.   

Trying out the RU2 singlet and Enervon Activ Hydration Belt around the village

Overall, the Enervon Activ Hydration Belt is a good hydration product to have, especially for those who have none at the moment. The cash outlay required is quite low and it does deliver on what it is supposed to do which is to provide liquid hydration to a runner on a training run or actual race.  The need for a hydration belt is heightened by the fact that the Run United Trilogy series supports going green via the BYOB concept (“Bring Your Own Bottle”).  Already, several of my fellow First Balfour running club members who registered for the 32-km at RU2 have expressed keen interest in acquiring one.

Those interested have up to May 26 to do so, or as supplies last.            

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