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July 25, 2012


A bonus of my recon drive thru the Tiwi-Sangay Road is  I finally got to taste the famous halo-halo in Tiwi. For more than a decade now, I have been hearing and reading about this cool delightful pride of Albay.

So, when we reached the town center of Tiwi after travelling 41 kms by 4X4 vehicle (http://www.bicolanopenguin.blogspot.com/2012/07/tiwi-sangay-road-pictures-from-recon.html#more), I asked the driver if he knew where the halo-halo could be had.  Luckily, he was familiar with the place.  Turns out, my Aunt Ma. Helen always dropped by the halo- halo joint everytime she was in Tiwi.  Having a sweet tooth runs in the De Lima family.

The driver brought me to this small restaurant  along San Lorenzo Street which is the road at the side of the Tiwi Municipal Hall.  It goes by the name of “DJC Halo-Halo & Snack Inn.”  DJC is the initials of the proprietor – Djoun G. Clutario.

We were hungry already.  So aside from ordering halo-halo, we ordered a lunch of lechon kawali and cucidong isda.  To be honest about it, the two viands were pedestrian in taste.  

The darling, obviously, of my gastronomic experience in Tiwi was  the halo-halo. It arrived and I dutifully took a picture of it.  It looked delicious to my eyes.

How about the taste?

There is a saying, “if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, then it must be a duck.”  In the case of the halo-halo in front of me, I say it looks delicious and it tastes even more delicious from the get go.  

Simply put, it is the best tasting halo-halo for me.  

I will not anymore bother  describing the taste or list down  what I think are the ingredients of said concoction.  I have no expertise on such matter.  I  am no food critic.  

Just take my word for it.The halo-halo of DJC is the best tasting halo-halo. It is much better than the halo-halo served in Chowking or Goldilocks or Graceland.  Even better than Razon’s of Pampanga. 

The halo-halo of DJC is worth the trip to Tiwi or better yet, worth the long run.

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