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November 19, 2015

TMEK 2015 21KM CHALLENGE: Another Fun Run for a Cause from Team Sinarapan

Running with a running club  is a great way to develop a sense of community - the joy of having accomplished something together, the spirit to want to give back to the community.  This aphorism  is accepted by  the 48-strong members of Team Sinarapan as they set  out to organize their  5th fun run for a cause in 5 years since their establishment - Takbo Mo, Edukasyon Ko 2015 - 21km Challenge.

Founded in 2010,  Team Sinarapan (TS) is a group of running and multi sports enthusiasts from the municipality of Buhi in the province of Camarines Sur. The choice of their group's name very much show the pride they have in their town. "Sinarapan" is the name of one of the world's smallest freshwater fish which is found in the Lake Buhi and its tributaries.  Scientifically known as  Mistichthys luzonensis, this fish, also called "tabios",  has an average  length of 12.5 mm and given their minuscule size, can  be caught with the use of triangular net made of abaca fiber called "sarap". 
Team Sinarapan members on a Lake Buhi boat ride 
 Sinarapan, the world's smallest commercial fish 
Using the triangular net called "sarap" to catch the "tabios."
Given their love for their hometown, the founders and officers have made sure that they get to organize fun runs in Buhi which served as fund-raising efforts for their continued outreach to the local community.  In 2010, they had the Run for Lake Buhi (3kms, 5kms & 10 kms) and then in 2012, they had the first edition of the Takbo Mo! Edukasyon Ko! fun run (3kms, 5 kms, 10 kms and 16 kms).  The following two years, TS organized TMEK 2 (3 kms, 5kms and 10 kms) and TMEK 3 ( 5kms, 10kms and 21 kms).  According to Leo Arcilla, one of the founders of TS, the funds raised from the TMEK races were used to buy school suppliers which were given to the students of public elementary schools in Buhi. 
Starting gun at the first TMEK

Distributing school supplies to  TMEK 2012 beneficiaries in Burocbusoc Elementary School

Distributing school supplies to TMEK 2013 beneficiaries in Sta. Cruz Elementary School.
Team Sinarapan members at the TMEK 2013 starting line.
For the Takbo Mo! Edukasyon Ko! 21Km Challenge 2015 or TMEK 4, the target beneficiaries of the school supplies are the pupils from Gabas Elementary School, Iraya Elementary School and Sto.Nino Elementary School. 

It is really heartwarming to see a running club, like TS, work on something helpful for its hometown. Not just once. Not just twice.  Not just thrice but for 5X already.  And if their endurance in the races they join  are any indication, we can bet that TS will be doing their outreach many times more.  

So for the passionate ones who believe in getting a high from running and helping, see you at the TMEK 2015 starting line in Buhi come Dec 27 (registration details will be posted soon).       

P.S. Photos taken from Team Sinarapan facebook page.               

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