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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

November 6, 2015

Bicolano Penguin Blog On Its 4th Year : I Run to Write. I Write to Run

"It's your Bicolano Penguin's fourth anniversary.  It has taken a roller coaster journey, but I know your blog will always be something to cherish.  Keep writing, BP."

Got this text yesterday from fellow blogger Mau Gines (aka Wandering Jouster).  She knows of what she texts about as she is actually the one who helped me start my running blog on November 5, 2011. I wrote an article and emailed it to her and presto, the Bicolano Penguin was up and running in the blogspot platform. 

The subject matter of that first article is the 2011 Mayon Trail Run and the first words of that article go something like - "Clamber. Waddle, Crawl, and Trudge." Fittingly so, as majority of the 358 articles that have since been posted in the BP blog have dealt with ultra marathons, marathons, fun runs, bootleg runs and long slow distance runs where my running buddies and I have   either clambered, waddled, crawled and trudged to a back-of-the-pack finish.  

But no matter the slow locomotion, I still feel very much blessed to be running and blogging about it. There seems to be an umbilical cord between the 2 passions:  I run to write. I write to run. Curro scribere.  Scribo currere. 

And there have been many runs that have brought great joy for me in my blogging. Here are a sample of  9:
1. NegOR 100 :  At 103 kms, my longest ultra marathon thus far.  
2. 2012 Bicolano Penguin Anniversary Run:  The very first BPAR showed we can have  running that is free.
3.  Bagolatao Adventure Run:  This bootleg run has us finishing on a white pebble beach.
4. Bataan Death March 102K Ultra:  Survive we did.   
5.  2014 Mayon 360:  Band of brothers and sister  on the best ultra in Bicol

 6. 2011 Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore:  First time to run a  marathon abroad
7. ARC Run:  Sense of community from my favorite running store
 8.  2015 The Bull Runner Dream Marathon: Pacer duty for my fellow First Balfour marathoners
9.  DC Comics All Star Fun Run :  Bonding time with my son

The symbiosis for me is that both running and writing involve an endpoint to be achieved - in running the finish line,  and in writing the time you put the pen down after finishing a written piece. And when the end point is reached, a surge of happy feeling brought about by endorphins comes cascading. Runner's high and writer's high have been abundant for me in my four years of blogging. And just like running, reaching the endpoint is much sweeter when  there are friends and familiar faces present to give you a cheer (in running) or comment/feedback (in writing).  

Thank you to all those who have liked and followed my running blog.  I derive inspiration from your support. The writing and the running continue.      
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  1. Bp more power sa blog mo...happy 4th yr. Anniversary...keep on writing padi...

  2. As symbolized by the flying penguin, you are no longer a fledgling in the blogosphere. After four years, you had soared high and convincingly carved a niche in this community. Truly, this is one of the zones where you are best at -- letting your pen do the talking. :-) I am honored to have collaborated with you but as you have already noticed and accepted, I have allowed you to exercise blanket authority in your own domain. You have done well, and I am sure you will continue doing so in the coming years. Congratulations, Vicboy! Finally, I have used a serious tone here. Mahirap pala. Hahaha...

  3. Thank you Allen for the support. One of these days, when I get to be in Bicol, we will have another bootleg run.

  4. Hi Mau. You forget that the penguin is physically not capable of soaring high as it has no flying wings. hahaha..Seriously, I very much appreciate the support and guidance you have been giving the blog for more than 4 years. May it continue in the years to come.

  5. Happy 4th year anniversary BP.
    Wow! 358 articles in 4 yrs. That is one write up every 4 days. Ako nga isang write up lang pinagpawisan na.. hahahaha..
    You may be a "back-of-the pack" runner, but in terms of blogging, you're at the "lead pack." You're an elite (writer). What an amazing feat (or "feet"). hehehehe..

  6. Impressive insight padi. You are truly a numbers' guy Bitoy. The numbers you pointed out is a manifestation of what I mean about "I Run to Write. I Write to Run." The more I run, the more I get to write. That is why right now, I have a few articles as I am not able to run more marathons and ultras the past few months this year. But hopefully next year, I will get to run more. My feet have that itch to scratch. hahaha...