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April 26, 2015


Summer vacation is always  welcome on the part of the Bicolano Penguin as a parent.  It is that time of the year that increased bonding can happen between me and my son.  As a passionate runner, it is both ideal and easy for me to share with my son my love of the sport.  During the schoolyear, my son's time for running is curtailed by the need for more time for studying. Thank God for summer as my son can now run more to his and my heart's content.

With the schoolyear already ending, last March I already ticked off the World Of DC Comics All Star Fun Run as the first run this summer between me and my son.  For good measure, I included my nephew Israel when we registered for the fun run at Chris Sports in Filinvest Mall in Alabang. on the last week of March. 

Getting the 3 race packs, I eagerly showed it to Marcel and Israel.  They were both excited about the fun run. Who wouldn't?  The World  of DC Comics All Star Fun Run is the only local run I know that gives opportunity to the fanatics to run as a superhero, either as Superman, Batman, Flash, Green Lantern or Wonder Woman.  An added bonus was that whether you run 3 kms or 5 kms or 10 kms, you get a finisher medal. 
Our race packs for myself, my nephew and my son.
Israel trying on his Superman singlet.

Come race day, April 18, a Saturday , we excitedly motored from Sucat  to Mall of Asia Ground. Sadly, Israel was not with us.  He was still with his father on vacation.  Good thing, another nephew, Rex, was on hand and readily accepted my invitation to run.  He wouldn't have any problem running, even without practice, as he is an avid basketball player, just like his father.  

It was still dark when we reached the starting area.   But no matter, the excitement was already palpable with many young ones and young once already garbed in their favorite DC superhero singlet eagerly trooping towards the start line.  Many participants, obviously super fans, even had their own super hero get ups.  In the assembly area, I got to see and take photos with familiar faces like Dimpy Jazmines of Sky Cable, Ems and Reg Rosales from our Ascension of Our Lord Parish in Paranaque, and Iya Pe of First Balfour with his fiancee. Later, after the race, we got to have photos with ARC's Dot Romero and Val Caro. 
Rex and Marcel giving their heroic pose.
The BP with Reg, Em Em and Dimpy. 

The BP with Iya and her fiancee.
The 10-km runners were the first ones to be released. The next one were the 5-km runners and us 3 joined this group. My son and my nephew, being respectful of their elder, meaning me, took it easy at the start. The both of them joined me in my customary 4-1 Galloway Run Walk. But at the Km 3 marker, I told them to forget about me and go full blast.  They obligingly followed my command and they were now carooming towards the finish line in no time.  I tried to keep up but the diesel in me just did not have sufficient torque to keep up with young colts like a 16-year od and a 19-year old   would be.
Hundreds, maybe thousands, of super hero fans at the starting line. Photo courtesy of Running Photographers.
A serious Batman fan.  Photo courtesy of Running Photographers.

This fan was brave enough to run as "Bane", one of Batman's nemesis.  Photo courtesy of Running Photographers.

One of the lovelier Wonder Woman in the fun run.  Oh, its Iya. Photo courtesy of Running Photographers.
The Penguin Flash trying to match stride per stride with Marcel.

Marcel and Rex gunning for the finish line.
Marcel triumphant at the finish line. 
Marcel putting an arm around on his "old man." 

Marcel gung ho with his finisher medal.  His very first medal.

A finisher medal is a finisher medal. Whether 5kms, 42 kms or 80 kms. hahaha..

Rex with his finisher medal..
The 3 of us in the finish line.

With Em Em, after her 10-km run.

With Dot of ARC Run Club and Val of Greeneyes fame.

One more group photo.
The aspiring superheroes...

...playing around...

...with a raptor. DC World of Comics meets Jurassic Park. 

All that running, clowning and bonding made us tired happy. 
At the finish line, my son was waiting for me.  He smiled and uttered the all too familiar refrain in our fun runs  together - - - "Eat my dust Old Man." 

We shared a good laugh.  I was happy for both Marcel  and Rex.  They got their finisher medals.  It was their very first medal in any sporting event.  

Another case of the ordinary becoming extraordinary. 

Here's to more extraordinary events this summer. 



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