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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

April 25, 2015

2015 MAYON 360: 10 Row5Runnin Shirts in Action

"Our Bicol. Our Home. Our Run."

Early on in the genesis of this running blog, the Bicolano Penguin and his fellow 83neans have subscribed to this axiom of "Our Bicol. Our Home. Our Run." in the choice of our long distance running events.  We have a preferential treatment for home-cooked marathons and ultras.  All that spice and some nice. 

This is specially true for why we make sure to register for the Mayon 360 Ultra Marathon Every April, 83neans make a pilgrimage to the province of  Albay to run in the shadow of the Daragang Mayon.  Every year, from 2011 to the present, there have been several members of the Ateneo de Naga High School Batch 1983 running in Bicol's premier ultra. 

The Bicolano Penguin has ran in the very first edition in 2011 and since then has earned  a couple more of Mayon 360 finisher medals (2013 and 2014).  The 2015 Mayon 360 80-km ultra would have been my 4th.  As early as January 2015, I have registered already for the event. I was disciplined in my training and participated in 50-km ultra marathons on a monthly basis almost for the whole year of 2014 in prepareation for the 2015 edition.  But as fate , or more correctly,as bacterias would have it, I got hospitalized with a severe case of infection  for two weeks in late March.  There was no way the doctor  was going to give me clearance to run for 80 kilometers under the heat of the sun. 

Feeling downtrodden, I needed some cheering up. Several running buddies tried to do so by telling me that they will be running Mayon 360 with me in mind. Getting a cue from this altruism, I then communicated to  my running buddies, particularly the selected few who have participated in  the annual Bicolano Penguin Anniversary Run (BPAR) a request.  

The call to arms was for my  running buddies to wear the row5runnin shirt in their 2015 Mayon 360 adventure. After looking at the photos in the various facebook pages dedicated to Mayon 360, I am very happy for many of my running buddies did wear the shirt. 10 to be exact.  2 in the 160-km race and 8 in the 80-km race. And 1 hard working support person. 
Bob Castilla and Ernie Badong  with the Race Director Bald Runner. Bob and Ernie placed 6th (26 hours & 36 mins)  and 20th (29 hours & 31 mins), respectively in the Mayon 160-km ultra.  The two are members of the Ateneo de Naga HS Batch 1983. 

Brandon Bueno of Baao, Cam Sur placed 96th place  (out of 278 finishers within cut off) in the Mayon 80-km ultra with a time of  11 hours & 41 mins. 

Veteran runner Joji Asis of Naga City placed 97th place with a time of 11 hours & 42 mins. 

Jonas Nacario of Iriga City placed 98th with a time of 11 hours & 43 mins.  Jonas is a nurse in Dona Josefa Hospital.  

Atenean Gary Castillo placed 104th with a time of 11 hours & 54 mins.  His son Janjo ran in the relays. Gary is a member of the Ateneo de Naga HS Batch 1986. 
Naga-based runner Kevin Moral placed 165th with a time of 13 hours & 24 mins.  

Henry Llorente of Iriga City placed 219th place with a time of 14 hours and 24 mins.  
Naga City runner Au Reduta finished with a time of 16 hours & 7 mins, together with constant... 

...running companion Glie Santos. 

83nean Allen Tolledo in the middle with Mayon 360 runners he provided support. 
To Bob, Ernie, Brando, Joji, Jonas, Gary, Kevin, Henry, Au, Glie and Allen.  Maraming maraming maraming salamat po. You guys made me feel very much part of the 2015 Mayon 360.  You guys are true Mayon 360 warriors.  A Big Congratulations !

Till next year mga oragon na row5runners.

P.S.  Photos taken from facebook pages of Mayon 360, Ernesto Badong, Mau Mediavillo-Gines, Aura Menolas Reduta and Amadea Ignacio Santos.  



  1. thank u so much Mr.Penguin for d shirt! it's my official running top ever since u gave it to me...here n our bicol province, we are only a few who have been privileged to be given one...& wearing it in any running event gives us an "identity", that we are among d "chosen ones" of d famous "BICOLANO PENGUIN" who is an ulra runner himself...it gives me pride & also confidence,that even if we come runnin' last, it doesn't matter...anyways,for me, ROW5RUNNIN, as it connotes,d last row in a class who are d slow learners.(but in my experience as a teacher before,d last row comprises of d noisy,smart alecks, stubborn, easy go lucky, but actually smart kids! they don't want to take studies seriously,but just have fun coz anyways, we only pass adolescence stage once!) and that's also my attitude in running....carpe diem! seize d day!grab that chance,i may never go back to that place again.....(or run.... )....enjoy d moment, enjoy d scenery, enjoy with d people u meet....that's my motto, so as not to feel fatigue or pain or hunger ...a do or die thing......anyways, i can only count in my fingers d ladies i know who are still doing an ultra in their "golden years"....... ROW5RUNNIN???? it fits me to a T!!! as in " 'TANDA" na kc,cg pa giraray dalagan,.... :) glie13

    1. Thank you Glie for your interesting teacher's insight on students who sit among the last rows of the classroom. They may not be teachers' pets but they are among those who build interesting lives after their schoolyears. A cautionary note though - - we don't use associate the word "privileged" and row5runnin. Row5runners are not elite. We are the antithesis of elite. By our nature, we are inclusive especially of those who are excluded from other groups. We like sharing the road. Your recent adventure with Au at the 2015 Mayon 350 is inspiring to us. Despite not finishing within the cut off, I did not hear any complaints from you both. On the contrary, you guys were so happy to have been part of the adventure. Priceless to have such an outlook.

  2. Congratulations BP! row5runnin is growing every year. remembering from your first BPAR to the present, row5runnin members is fast increasing in numbers. truly, you are our teacher, our maestro. many have believed and followed you on your passion in running. And I'm very much honored to be one of them. Thank you very much in leading us to the wonderful world of running.


  3. I wore the row5runnin shirt not because it provides a difference between me and other runners. I used that shirt because it boosts my confidence. Every time i wore that, I know to myself that I have to keep the name, fresh and respectable.

    Row5runnin for me, motivate others to run, it is a team, a team that from the start we respect each others of what they capable of. It’s not all about winning, but for me it’s when you make a difference to others life.

    Salamaaat Maestro, dami ng values na natutunan ko sainyo..