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April 2, 2015

PRO EARTH RUN 2015: Media Briefing

You know that climate change is a veritable reality when even on a Holy Week this year, a super typhoon (Code name "Maysak") is threatening to hit the island of Luzon. It is supposed to be the height of summer time and yet there is a gloomy consciousness about this new normal. Our Planet Earth is indeed fucked up. Pardon my french. 

But rather than be helpless about it, the humanity in us hungers  to do something about it. Anything. An activity or an initiative that would give us a feeling  that we can make a difference.  

For us in the local running community, a tangible thing we can do is to join fun runs that advocate for a clean environment.    One such fun run is the Pro Earth Run. Last  April 12, 2014, the Bicolano Penguin got to join the Pro Earth Run together with more than a couple of dozen First Balfour co-workers (http://bicolanopenguin.blogspot.com/search?q=PRO+Earth+Run+2014).  No doubt, the name Pro Earth which stood for Protect, Respect and Oversee our Mother Earth was catchy and it got our attention. 

For the 2015 edition,  I will be running again this coming April 25 at the Mall of Asia (MOA) grounds in Pasay City. Everyone who cares about nature is encouraged to join. The registration details are in the posters below. 

In addition, the Bicolano Penguin was invited to the Media Briefing which I attended Tuesday night (Mar 31)  at the Merrell Concept Store in Market Market, BGC, Taguig.

The media briefing is an opportunity for us bloggers to be able to know more about the fun run and the passionate people behind the advocacy. In the case of the PRO Earth Run, we are  fortunate to have met and shared a chat with Dr. Metodio Palaypay and Dir. Rico Salazar.    

Ms. Edith Mendoza did a fine job as emcee of the media briefing.  
Dr. Palaypay is the Chairman of Earth Day Network Philippines which is the organization that is at the forefront of the annual worldwide April 22nd Earth Day Celebration.  It actively engages the participation of people from government, corporate, religious, and academic institutions to rally behind environmental protection, preservation, and promotion.  One such avenue Earth Day Network Philippines  used is the Pro Earth Run, now on its 2nd year.  Talking with Dr. Palaypay, I did  get a sense of the zeal that the good doctor has for our Mother Earth.  He even told me that "good ecology leads to a good economy."   In his talk on stage, he rallied all those who cared to listen to be champion for our planet - - "The future of humanity is everyone's responsibility. That is why we never get tired of telling people that Earth Day must be everyday, everywhere, for everyone." He even had a specific challenge to all bloggers present in the media briefing to spread the message of earth care to the public  - - "Into your hands, I commit Mother Earth."
Dr. Palaypay joining the bloggers in a photo. 

The BP with Dr. Palaypay.

Dr. Palaypay on stage  spreading the Gospel of Earth Care. 
Dir. Salazar is the newly-appointed head of the Strategic Communication and Initiatives Service of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).  He is a good communicator and he used the Parable of the Chinese Bamboo Tree which is a lesson of patience, persistence and hard work. He commended the Earth Day Network Philippines for the patient work it has been doing thru the years - - "While the result of your labor may not always be immediately felt, it will eventually yield something good for the country."  After his talk on stage, Dir. Salazar was patient enough to stay behind and converse with the bloggers.  I got to find out that he is from Legaspi City.  A source of pride for us Bicolanos that a fellow oragon is very much in the thick of things in promoting a healthier environment. 

Dir. Salazar in action 

Two Bicolanos.  
A bonus for me in attending the media briefing is the opportunity to touch base with fellow bloggers.  I was able to share a photo with Maida Pulido who was the one responsible for inviting me to the event. Likewise familiar running bloggers like the Jazzrunner and Running Pinoy   were in attendance. It was my first time to get to talk with bloggers not of the running community but of other interests such as Lifestyle and Food. Eens of www.oureatdates.com and Zheyme of www.getbeauteous.com are two lady bloggers that look to have interesting belletristic works.  And of course, I took the time to have a photo with Dianne, the Merrell representative  who gifted the bloggers present with a cool blue Merrell shirt.  Actually one blogger was luckier than others as she won a new pair of  Capra hiking shoes from Merrell. 
The BP with Maida

With Jazzrunner

With the Merrell Brand officer

The cool blue  Merrell shirt.

The lucky winners of the Capra hiking shoes. 

Thumbs up on this shirt and on this event. 
Truly, the Pro Earth Run 2015 media briefing was a beautiful experience for me.  It is perhaps a harbinger of the good things to happen  with the running itself by the time April 25 comes. 

Details on Pro Earth Run 2015 are posted on www.facebook.com/ProEarthRunPh.



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