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October 11, 2012

ADIDAS ADIZERO FEATHER 2 : Running made sputing!

In my youthful days in Bicol back in the late 70s and early 80s, there was a street word that connotes being excellently well dressed, or “dressed to the nines” to quote the Wandering Jouster in her article last October 5,2012(http://wanderingjouster.blog.com/).This word is “sputing”.  

I think the usage of this word dates back to the late 50s, during the height of the space war between the  USA and the USSR.  If one will recall, the Soviets  edged the Americans in being the first country to send a satellite into orbit in space. The name of that first earth satellite is Sputnik 1. It showed to the world that Russia excelled in technological development. Back here in the Philippines, the Sputnik word gained popularity as connoting excellence or “magaling.” 

In the streets, it evolved into “sputing”, which is exactly the word that immediately came to mind the first time I saw the Adidas Adizero Feather 2. The look of this new Adidas pair of very light running shoes is spankingly sputing. With its sleek and aggressive looks with a bit of flash generated by its electric pink side accents and shoelaces, the Adidas Adizero Feather 2 will certainly turn heads of fellow runners.  

Ironically, I first saw the Adidas Adizero Feather 2 on the feet of the Wandering Jouster herself. I got to run with my  blogger-friend a couple days ago at the Filinvest City area in Alabang. She was wearing it with a smile, and she told me that the shoes made her feel like she was running faster than ever before.  In her words, it was definitely less clunky than her old Adidas Supernova.  I guess she is in a good company for when I googled about this new Adidas, I found out that several of the members of the US Olympic track and field used the Adidas Adizero Feather 2 when training for London. 

The speedy feel of this new Adidas is a result of it being one of the lightest running shoes out there in the market.  When the ads say that this is light, it is truth in advertisement. The Men’ s version tops the scales at 6.7 ounces while the women’s shoe weighs at 5.6 ounces. 

To discuss more why Adidas has the “lightest” sneakers out there in the market, I quote from Caitlin Albaugh of Adidas (which I got from an interview  made by Aaron Torres. www.aarontorres-sports.com):


         Adizero shoes, like the adizero Prime SP (sprint
         spike)  and adizero Feather 2 (running shoe) are 
         among the lightest in sports designed to help athletes
         be lighter and faster to compete at the highest 
         level. Lightweight delivers the ultimate competitive 
         advantage to the fastest and most dominants athletes
         in the world.

         Every ounce of adizero shoes have been 

         scrutinized,  researched and tested to bring athletes 

         lightweight shoes.  Material and technical innovations

         allow the Adidas innovation team to create lighter, 
         high-performing footwear without sacrificing 
         structural integrity. Core to adizero design are two 
         primary innovations:

A.SprintWeb construction in the upper minimizes layers without sacrificing fit or durability. 

B.SprintFrame provides maximum stability for added strength and support.

The Adidas design and innovation team began developing adizero in 2003 as a design philosophy to revolutionize lightweight footwear and help athletes be faster. The idea: less mass allows athletes to accelerate faster and change directions more quickly. Initially adizero was developed for running shoes, but Adidas evolved the technology, applying the same adizero concept to basketball and  soccer.

The Adidas Adizero Feather 2 looks sleek and flashy, signalling that it is built for speed.  And it does deliver with that promise of speed courtesy of cutting edge 21st Century technology.  I certainly felt that speed from my running buddy, Wandering Jouster, as we tackled the asphalt road of Filinvest City. And she looked cool with those pretty in pink pair. 

I just smiled and whispered to myself: “Adizero – running made sputing.........”    


  1. wow, pading vicboy! to be mentioned in your blog is a great honor. thank you very much. this article somewhat put me in a "celebrity" status. more please...joke. hahahahaha...

  2. Hi Mading Mau. I told you, if you don't write about your new pair of running shoes, I will. hahaha....Of course you are a celebrity. It is an extraordinary achievement to be voted "Best Teacher of the Year." You got the award not one time but twice.