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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

October 18, 2012


After reading the McDougal masterpiece “Born to Run” in December of 2009, I dreamed of finishing a marathon.  Prior to that, the longest distance I have tackled  was a 10-km fun run, but something about the way the book was written made me dare to significantly upsize my running experience.  Five months after, under the nurturing  coaching care of Jaymie Pizarro and Jim Lafferty, I crossed the finish line of my first full marathon – The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, 2010 edition. It is definitely  one of the highlights of my adventure here on earth.

Marathon Dream Team

Dreamers all :  BP, Iya, Delsie & Rose.  Not in photo are Icar and Emman

It did not take me long to pass along this dream virus  of being a marathoner.In 4 months time, I was high fiving 3 of my Ateneo de Naga HS Batch 1983 classmates at the finish line of the 2010 Camsur International Marathon. Thru the months and years,  4 more of my fellow 83neans were to follow our pioneering footsteps in becoming marathoners.  But none of the 7 passed thru the TBR dream route.

It is on the First Balfour side of my running life that I got to inspire officemates to go for a full mary via the TBR Dream Marathon franchise. Sometime in November 2011, three co-workers (Rose Dalawampu, Icar Hombrebueno and Lily Santamaria) said yes to my passionate invitation that they sign up for  the TBR Dream Marathon, 2012 edition.  They piously  participated in the preparatory activities of the TBR Dream Marathon program. Come March 18, 2012, all 3 triumphantly accomplished the dream to be marathoners.  

I was present at Nuvali on that fateful day  and I saw in their beaming faces that the dream would not stop with them. It would be a matter of time before the 3 would be able to inspire another officemate in First Balfour to dare to dream to be a marathoner.  

Come July this year, I was happily informed by Icar that we have 2 co-workers that are bravely  interested to register for the TBR Dream Marathon, 2013 edition. They are Delsie Giray and Emman Balamban.  Icar was asking me if our company would be providing the same support that it gave them when they pursued their marathon dream. I replied the affirmative because I believe that the TBR Dream Marathon experience is a good way to nurture one of the Lopez values which are important to the Lopez Group of Companies, of which First Balfour is a part of.  I am referring to Employee welfare and wellness.

Showing the well-travelled FB banner

Delsie and Emman got to register for the TBR Dream Marathon which is scheduled for February 24, 2013. Our  list of dream marathoners in First Balfour is growing.  And the future is bullish. Possibly, we have another First Balfour employee waiting in the wings for her turn to cross the  finish line in the next edition of the TBR Dream Marathon.

She is Iya Pe and she will join  the First Balfour team that will participate in the TBR Dream Team Run (21 kms) this November 17. The organizers have encouraged the runners to come in team uniforms. We will follow this encouragement. Already, the First Balfour  team uniform is available and it is in the form of a Philippine flag-inspired Puma running shirt, a salute to another Lopez value – Nationalism.

Certainly, the First Balfour marathon dream team will not be among the first ones to cross the finish line of the TBR Dream Team Run.  It is even a bit of a certainty that we will be one of the last teams to finish. 

No matter for certainly we will be one of the best dressed on the field in Nuvali come November 17.  

Keep on dreaming. 

Photos courtesy of Dolly Pasia


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  2. Who would ever think that I can do the 42K?! and never thought I could but I did! :)Thank you sir macky for inspiring us and for all the support you have given us. During our training with TBR and after our marathon, I was finally able to learn how to run smart, and more importantly, enjoy it :) I will keep on running and keep inspiring others to make their dreams come true :)

  3. Hi Icar. Thank you for your kind and generous words. It is a source of joy for me to be able to inspire my friends and officemates to pursue their passion for running to longer distances. That means I will not be lonely in the marathons and ultras we have yet to conquer. hahahaha. Next is the ultra for you. Keep on dreaming. As Steven Spielberg puts it "I don't dream at night, I dream all day; I dream for a living."