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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

October 9, 2012


October 7 was the entrance examination day for  Grade 7 students aiming to study high school  at the Ateneo de Manila High School.  Thus, that Sunday morning, I drove my son Marcel to the high school campus.  I was informed by my son that the entrance exams would last 3 hours. Unlike many of the parents who left immediately and planned to fetch their kids later, I stayed in the campus. What should I do to kill  time for 3 hours?

My son Marcel and I having a good time at the Ateneo de Manila campus

No sweat for me in answering this question.  I planned to run and ran I did.

The Loyola Heights campus of the Ateneo de Manila is a great place to run.  It is blessed with lots of trees that make the morning air there very encouraging of physical activities.     

Father Masterson Drive
Starting out at the high school area, I took the Father  Masterson Drive. This road is the longest inside the campus and it was named after Fr. William Masterson, S.J., the school head who in 1952, moved many of the units of the school from its Padre Faura campus to this upland Quezon City area. At the start, this decision was not a popular one and many would refer to the Loyola Heights campus as “Masterson’s folly.” 

I turned right at the Parade Loop which joins the Fr. Arrupe Road. This road is named after a famous 20th century Jesuit, Fr. Pedro Arrupe, the Superior General of the Society of Jesus from 1965 to 1983.  In this area, you can find the Social Development complex of the Ateneo. Rightfully so as Fr. Arrupe is considered by many in being instrumental in promoting the famous “fourth decree,” which defined the modern mission of the Jesuits in terms of “faith that does justice”.

Corner of Fr. Arrupe Road and University Drive
From Fr. Arrupe Road, I took a right at the University Drive which leads to Gate 3, the main entrance entance/exit point to Katipunan Avenue.  Before reaching Gate 3, I turned left at the baseball field which has a service road parallel to Katipunan Road.

Baseball field
At the end of this   service road is the Blue Eagle Gym and Father Masterson Drive.I turned left at Fr. Masterson’s Drive which led me back to the high school area.I passed by the magnificent Church of the Gesu.At the end of the high school area is the Moro Lorenzo Sports Center. This is where I stopped for a rest and drink on Gatorade. 

Church of Gesu
Total distance of this loop is 3 kms.  For the next 2 hours, I ran 5 times around this 3-km loop.  After changing my clothes and driving to the Katipunan Avenue to buy sweet Japanese corn, I went back to the high school area. 

I was just in time to see the grade schoolers trooped out of the exams area.   Seeing my son with a smile and thumbs up, I knew that he was relaxed in tackling the exams.  No need to ask.

Smiling Marcel after the exams

Mary for you, for your white and blue
I have a love for running. My son has a love for learning. I hark back to the words of a well-liked Jesuit saint, St. Robert Bellarmine :

“My dear friends, love is a very wonderful and heavenly thing. In its dictionary you will hunt in vain for the word impossible.” 


  1. Hi! I am a 44 y/o mother whose eldest child is an aspirant of an ateneo HS education. can your son guide mine by informing me of which subjects or topics to study more on in his preparation? thank you very much!

  2. Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. Perhaps you are into running too. In any case, I guess my son would like to be of help. I will ask him later tonight and hope to respond tomorrow.

  3. Hello again. Here is what my son wanted to share on your query.

    What to expect:

    1. English (vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension).
    2. Science (biology and physics)
    3. Math (fractions, algebra and geometry)
    4. Expected the unexpected. It would help.