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December 19, 2012

FRONTRUNNER MAGAZINE Vol 3 Issue 5 2012: Something to Cherish

The start of my morning early this week  could  not have gone any better. 

I received an LBC  package and inside were 2 complimentary copies of the latest issue of my favorite local running magazine, the frontRUNNER.

Issue 5 is certainly on top of the list of my favorite.
For a couple of weeks already, I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this issue. This is an issue which I know my fellow running 83neans and I will cherish. 


The reason is in page 56. The marathoners and ultra runners of Ateneo de Naga High School Batch 1983 are the featured running group in a full page  article entitled “Runnin8 M3n for Others.” This is the first time that the  83neans have gotten print in a major running publication.  We have not only talked the talk, and walked the talk but beyond it, the frontRUNNER magazine has talked about our “walk”, or to be exact, “run.”  

It is a great feeling. The power of the written word.

The article on the 83neans

Pages 56 & Page 57
For this bliss, we have two ladies to be very thankful of. First, Mau Gines, the author of the article. She is a running buddy and a good friend. We first got to know her in our Ridge Run adventure in Legaspi City in March 2011. She is a very good writer and her blog (http://wanderingjouster.com/) is a favorite. Second, Con Mendoza, the managing editor of frontRUNNER.  I have not been introduced to her formally in person but our email exchanges have often been a source of running inspirations.  
Both are responsible for making a dream come true. 

Looking at the cover and leafing thru the pages of this issue, there are many more articles to be enjoyed.  

The cover story, entitled “Athletes of Endurance”, is about the heroic travails of two Filipino elite athletes in the 2012 London Olympics and Paralympics: Rene Herrera and Sid Vildosola. It is hoped that this article will bring more respect and support to our modern day heroes in the Philippine running community.

Cover story

Page 30
There is an interesting feature story by Dr. Lorraine Badoy-Partosa, M.D.  entitled “Back of the Pack”. Just by the title, it got me hooked already. What made it more interesting is that the author is a diagnosed autistic with ADHD to boot. Having a nephew who is autistic and being a slow runner myself (a Row 4 habitue), this feature is truly special for me.

Thank you very much for this Issue 5 of the frontRUNNER Magazine. A very special Christmas gift to be cherished.   


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  1. welcome, vicboy. i am honored to have penned an article about the runnin8 m3n for others. may your tribe increase! cheers.