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December 5, 2012

ROGUE: THE ART ISSUE (November 2012)

The gift I received from blogger friend WJ for the BP blog anniversary rekindled my interest in the visual arts (http://www.bicolanopenguin.blogspot.com/2012/11/a-gift-on-1st-anniversary- of-bicolano.html#more).  

First time I got exposed to the local art scene was in my first job at the in the late 80s. The founder and boss at MIB, whom we respectfully referred to as “Doble” (as in Double 0), had an extensive art collection, particularly that of Arturo Luz’s. I helped out in the inventory and this lead me to read up on Luz as well of other  National Artists like Amorsolo, Manansala and Magsaysay-Ho.

Art provokes my interest. It has not consumed me. Nor have I any monetary investments in paintings or sculptors. God knows I cannot afford such artistic luxury, but I do try my best to read up on it.

That is why when I saw on the magazine rack of the Gift Shop in Makati Med the Rogue issue last week, I did not think twice and immediately  bought me a copy.  It is the Art Issue of Rogue Magazine.   

The cover is both intriguing and pleasing to the eyes.  The contents are full of interesting ones like the following:

· “Relief Operation” by Nante Santamaria at Page 28. It features  an art hotspot in downtown Escolta called 98B.

· “Boiling Point” by Flaudette May Datulin at Page 58. It dwells on cultural bureaucracy and the Cultural Center of the Philippines, the embodiment of “the true, the good and the beautiful” during the heydays of its foremost patroness the former First Lady. 

· “The Goddess Weeps” by Dianne Torres at Page 59. This article introduces me to the Philippine High School for the Arts which, for 36 years and counting, has produced a preponderance of artistic headliners like Nicholas Pichay, Raymond Red, Grace Nono, Nona Garcia, Nina Ricci Alagao and Winner Jumalon. The long and winding Makiling roads that lead to the PHSA from the Boy Scouts of the Philippines camping grounds at Los Banos, which are conducive for some exhilarating running, increases my incentive to go and visit this campus someday.  

· “Catch Me if You Can” by Mara Coson at Page 80. This article talks about the forgery problem that is infesting the art scene in the Philippines. A celebrated case is an oil painting by Manansala entitled “The Bird Seller” which was withdrawn from the Christie’s Hong Kong auction last May due to questions of its authenticity. 

Can you spot the suspected Manansala forgery?



  1. great cover! it titillates one's imagination...hehehehe...

  2. Agree. A picture is worth a thousand words. In her case, a million ones. hahahaha......