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I am a Bicolano by birth and choice. By any standards, I am a slow runner but I like it that way. I look at running as a healthy and exciting way to make a difference. Together with my fellow runners from our family, school, office and the community, we use running to give back..

December 26, 2012


The Christmas holidays bring out the generous sides of all of us. 


Yesterday, December 25 afternoon, while I was on my way to Camp Aguinaldo for a X’mas day run with my fellow 83neans, I chanced upon a random act of generosity. At the corner of Santolan Road and White Plains Road, there was a Toyota Hilux Pick Up (with plate no. NSO 771) that stopped and the passenger at the back started giving out something to the street children traipsing in the area.  Upon closer scrutiny, I saw that the lady at the back was giving out Php 20 bills. At first, there were a few of these kids getting the unexpected X’mas treat.  But soon enough, a long line of beggars and bystanders has formed and still the Php 20 bills keep on coming out the Santa Hilux.  You could see the glee in the faces of the lucky street recipients. 

Truly, a wondrous scene for this holiday season.  A scene that is inspiring me  to incorporate more the “pay it  forward” aspect in our running this coming 2013. Moving forward we shall.

Maligayang at Makulay na Pasko.

Mapagtakbong at Mapagbigay na Bagong Taon.

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